10 Years Later, Fans Bring Resident Evil Outbreak Back Online

10 Years Later, Fans Bring Resident Evil Outbreak Back Online

Fans of Resident Evil Outbreak, a spin-off series for PlayStation 2 released about 10 years ago, have managed to restore online play for the game on a private server, though only for its Japanese versions.

Outbreak Server came online recently for both Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2. The project reverse-engineered the server with packet captures from the NTSC/J versions of the game (according to this FAQ) but no such captures for American and European versions have been found so far. “We hope that we will be ble to create servers that will work with the NTSC/U and PAL versions of the game,” the creators wrote in the FAQ, but absent those, NTSC/J is where the action is for now.

And no, they’re not doling out download links for the game, either. “We will not tolerate piracy discussion here. Nor is there an excuse not to purchase a legitimate copy,” they say. The project is a server to host the game’s multiplayer only, it doesn’t touch the game’s assets otherwise.

Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 had a dedicated following that had been agitating for Capcom to revive the series, either with a sequel or in re-releases. For now, this is as good as it gets for them.

The Comprehensive Outbreak Server FAQ [Outbreak Server via Rely on Horror]


  • (try that again)

    Thought online was removed completely from PAL versions.

    Or was it just that there was no support??

    • Could’ve been that support was just removed. I still play Phatasy Star Online on the same sort of private server, long after support was removed.

      • Yeah, but I remember Phantasy Star Online working in Australia, it was one of the big draw cards of Dream cast.

        I have a friend with a copy of both REs, I should have a check next time I’m over.

        I guess it would have been easier to not support it rather than actually do the work removing it.

        I do remember there being a message on the cases though, what it said exactly is another story…

      • On a tangent, I had both versions of Phantasy Star on Dream Cast and never had good enough internet back then to play either online.
        It got so hard in single player that I couldn’t beat the second boss!

        Needed to grind alone I guess 😛

        • Lol, that still rings true to this day. Got my ass handed to me by the first boss twice! Mind you, the older I get, the crappier I get at games it seems.

        • It keeps gettin worse as a Force.

          I find it a bit sad I can’t spam spells as a Force on PSO1 mainly because you run out of PP so fast and it’s a massive meseta drain to buy PP recovery items in single player xD

          Still an overall fund game though! I really should get down to finishing chapter 4!

          • It got better as a FOnewm/FOnewearl in the Gamecube/Xbox versions, as you self restored PP by standing still. At the very least, restore enough to Ryuker back to Pioneer and buy some Fluids. =P

          • I really wanted a FONewaerl… i really did. But goddamn that outfit made her look like an out of place clown! xD

    • The PAL version of the original had no online support, but the sequel had it put back in.

  • “We will not tolerate piracy discussion here. Nor is there an excuse not to purchase a legitimate copy,”I don’t really see why not. Unless Capcom is still selling copies of this game, and your money is going towards them.

  • Outbreak had online multiplayer in the USA… and being a RE fan, I tried to modchip my brand new PS2 so that I could play(with my legit copy) online. The modding didn’t work though, so my PS2 ended up in a crate. gg!


  • As a veteran member of the Support Resident Evil Outbreak campaign, I know that this news calls for a celebration. However, the server recreation is just one aspect of fan support.

    What isn’t mentioned is the tireless efforts of our fanbase to amass over 9800 signatures of support for the Request For Resident Evil Outbreak File #3 petition on the petition online website. With our target of 10,000 in reach, the petition is sure to turn heads at Capcom HQ.

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