World's Ugliest Nintendo Cartridge Hits $US99,000 On eBay

That ugly looking Nintendo World Championships cartridge for sale on eBay has been bid up to more than $US99,000 over the past two days. The auction closes in two hours.


    What is it?

      Its a nintendo game from the 90's and is if not the rarest, one of rarest games to find. Gotta be an new record for game sale.

        While it is a rare game, it's nowhere near the rarest. It is extremely popular though, which adds a lot to its value.

      Nintendo once ran a touring competition around the U.S.

      They printed 115 cartidges that had Mario, and two other games on them specifically for this competition. The limited number, coupled with the fact that they were never actually released has contributed to its rarity.

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    Haha, there're Sony logos in that Nintendo cartridge. You'd never see that these days!

    There's no way that money will actually get paid though. Even a collector has some common sense, that's just too much.

    They were obviously fake bids which is why the auction closed

    Is this an article? whats the name of the game or the ebay link

      Nintendo World Championships

      It's a very, very poorly written article that:
      - Assumes the reader knows what auction is being talked about and why it made news earlier in the week (No reference link)
      - Assumes the reader knows the significance of the Nintendo World Championships cartridge
      - Doesn't cite sources

      Arguably, one could also expect to see some discussion about how it is suspect because not even the gold edition, nor the prototype Legend of Zelda cartridge had that high a bid.

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        Last time i heard a gold edition would fetch around $15000-$20000 so $99000 is really weird.

        agreed. what the hell are they even reporting on? I dont understand

    People really need to take better care of their games, that is just disgusting.

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