The 10 Games I'm Most Looking Forward To In 2014

2014 will have video games. Of that we can all be certain. If we are lucky some of them will be good. Some might even be spectacularly good. Here are 10 that I, personally, have high hopes for.


In Six Words: Mechs shoot humans shoot Mechs. Yay!

The announcement that Titanfall would be capping its players at 6 v 6 didn’t suck the enthusiasm I have for this game from my gills. Quite the contrary: it made me more excited.

Why? Because a decision like this has consequences and those consequences are already apparent: people whinging, saying it’s ‘not next gen’ enough. Kneejerk reactions have come in droves and you have to know that the folks at Respawn Entertainment knew this was coming.

But they still decided to stick with 6 v 6 regardless. What does that tell you?

It tells me that it’s absolutely the best decision to make for this particular game. It’s the best path to pursue for the balance of Titanfall in terms of how it actually plays.

If this wasn’t the case then why would Respawn make this decision? For the negative publicity? Because they enjoy the groans of the internet’s collective whinge? Because they want to sell less copies of the game?

No. They’ve clearly made this decision because it serves the game best. Because it’s the optimum number of players for the Titanfall experience. This decision tells me that Respawn is putting the game before the bullet points. This makes me want to play Titanfall more than ever.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

In Six Words: Kiefer Sutherland says ‘Metal Gear’ wrong

I won’t make apologies for being a Metal Gear Solid fan. I won’t apologise for thinking that Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the best games of the last 10 years.

I can’t apologise for being super excited about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Metal Gear Solid in an open world — it’s been a dream of Kojima’s for a while. It was actually the game Kojima wanted to make last time. But how does one take his unique eye for mechanical detail and spread that into a massive open world environment? I can’t wait to see that answer to that question.

Kojima packs more into every square inch of his creations than most designers place in entire games. It is for that reason that I cannot wait to play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Metal Gear Solid has always been a franchise that responds brilliantly to being poked by the player. It’s the series that always seems to have an answer for the ‘what ifs’.

I can’t wait to ask questions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Dark Souls 2

In Six Words: We are in this shit together

It’s almost impossible to discuss Dark Souls without mentioning difficulty. But difficulty has never been the defining aspect of Dark Souls, it’s the design. Dark Souls is difficult by design. Mainly because it wants you to experience its systems properly, experience the environments properly, feel the relief of that closed circle, that moment when you knock a ladder down and create that shortcut.

It’s also a game that fosters community. Dark Souls is such a brutal solitary experience, but it’s also one that we share. Each time a friend begins Dark Souls I get excited. I track their progress. Why is that? I don’t get that same feeling when someone starts The Last of Us.

I think it’s because, simply put, we are all in this shit together. We are being punished, we are feeling rewarded, we are excited, we are scared and we are all in this shit together. With Dark Souls 2 we get to be part of something all over again, from the start. I’m really genuinely excited about that. I’m excited about the tweets, about the conversations, about the posts, the writing, the things we’ll say to one another, the warnings, the laughs we’ll share. There’ll be new bosses. They’ll be so fucking difficult that we’ll whisper their names to each other. When a friend starts the game we’ll ask, ‘DID YOU GET TO ‘INSERT BOSS’ YET? OH SHIT.

That’s what Dark Souls is. If we’re lucky, that’s what Dark Souls II will be too.

EA Sports UFC

In Six Words: Please be like Fight Night Champion!

This is a pretty personal one.

I love Fight Night Champion. I think Fight Night Champion is as good a sports game as any released in the history of ever. Having that same team assigned to EA’s debut UFC game has me absolutely salivating.

As some of you might be aware, I’m a big fan of mixed martial arts, and I’m beyond curious as to how the team will manage to mix the furious mish-mash of fighting styles that makes up the sport. How will they represent wrestling and jiu jitsu? How will the transitions work? What fighters will make up the roster?

I’m really approaching this one like a fan. I’m super excited. I’m going to do that thing where you make your favourite fighter win fights they probably shouldn’t win.

Basically I want this game so I can rewrite history and make Anderson Silva beat Chris Weidman.

The Witness

In Six Words: Give me pretty puzzles Mr Blow

I loved Braid and I expect to love The Witness. That is really all I have to say about that. It looks fantastic. I know so little about this game, yet I still manage to muster up enthusiasm. I have no idea why that is, but I have to trust my gut. I like unique experiences in video games and I hope/believe that The Witness will provide me with one.

Trials Fusion

In Six Words: I am ready to hurt again

Trials Evolution was my favourite game of 2012. It was literally my game of the year.

When video games make me feel like I’m actually learning some type of arbitrary skill, and then giving me a chance to practice that skill? That’s when I’m enjoying video games the most. Trials Evolution nailed that better than just about any other video game I’ve ever played. I expect Trials Fusion to continue down that path.

The Trials series has this weird thing going on. When you finish a level you actually feel fulfilled. How many games provide you with that feeling? It feels like learning a language or something, or passing and exam. With Trials Fusion I am ready for the pain, I’m ready for the frustration. I am also ready for that sweet, sweet relief…

No Man’s Sky

In Six Words: Um, really… four people made this?

What do we really know about this game? We’ve all seen the spectacular trailer. We’ve all felt the hype burning in our genitals. That’s all we have. That burning sensation in our nether regions. Weird.

But that feels good, doesn’t it? The mystery. The strangeness. The out and out weird feeling of not knowing what a game is or what it will do, but feeling excited about it anyway. That’s what No Man’s Sky represents. It represents something new and exciting. We don’t get that feeling often. I can’t wait to see more.

Child of Light

In Six Words: Dear Ubisoft, thanks for the nostalgia

There was something special about 16-bit JRPGs. There must have been because we keep going on about them. Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger. These are the games that helped define our tastes and, in many ways our identities as ‘people who play video games’.

I really moved away from JRPGs almost as quickly as I became obsessed with them, but something about Child of Light intrigues me. It evokes that nostalgia, but it also feels fresh and glorious to look at. Looking forward to seeing if there’s substance to all these stupid feelings I’m um… feeling.


In Six Words: Everything seems so very, very big!

Very few games nail a real sense of scale. But those that do manage to evoke wonder.

Games like the original Halo, or Shadow of the Colossus. Or Ico for that matter. The idea that you are a small, tiny thing exploring something ponderous. Below feels like that sort of game, just from the footage we’ve seen so far.

And also the mystery. Below looks so spare. Empty. It looks like it has space. There’s something really intriguing about that. It looks like a video game that I want to explore.


In Six Words: What the hell is this place? And speaking of video games I want to explore, here’s Destiny!

It’s funny how I can be excited about two completely different video games for precisely the same reasons. Destiny is about mystery, it’s about scale. It’s about a world class developer focusing its prodigious talents on one massive video game that we could be playing for years to come. Destiny might be the most ambitious video game currently in development. I think we have to respect that.

Destiny will probably feature a lot of the looting and RPG levelling and numerous other types of cool new online mechanics. It may even reinvent the wheel along the way.

But that’s not what excites me about Destiny. Bungie has created a world I know nothing about. It’s dripping in detail. I need to explore it. That is all.

Well, that's my list. What are you guys and girls looking forward to in 2014?


    I like reading about games I like. Why dont you like the games I like?

      Metal Gear's gun be goooooood
      Dragon age Inc gon be goooooooood

      COD12 should have got a mention.

        Are they actually up to 12? I wouldn't be surprised if they are.

          They are currently on COD6 I think, so at current rates of 'create a few maps', 'add a new animal to follow you', and release they should hit COD12 by around April.


            FISH AI!

            Last edited 14/01/14 6:14 pm

          There are ten games in the main franchise. I know there is a mobile game, (Strike Team?) a DS exclusive (Modern Warfare Mobilised) a PS Vita exclusive, (Declassified) and a PSP game. (Hour of Victory of some shit) I also think there might have been a Nokia N-gage CoD. So... 15 games?
          Didn't even use wikipedia. Now I feel bad for somehow knowing all this.

    EA Sports UFC is in this list and Dragon Age 3 isn't.
    what has the world come too :-(

      I can understand not being excited about Dragon Age. Fantasy isn't really my bag to begin with and Dragon Age 2 just left me feeling meh about the series. The BioWare name isn't what it once was either. I'll probably really enjoy playing it but right now I'm not looking forward to it.

      Not gonna lie, I am looking forward to UFC more than dragon age. Dragon Age you almost know it's gonna be decent no matter what. UFC it's a new develop, it's the first UFC game since the last undisputed by THQ. I'm more hyped to see how that goes for this reason alone, dragon age is in good hands lets see how a different game goes.

        Heaps pumped for both games.

        Bioware seem to have REALLY taken notice of how pissed people were about parts of Dragon Age II.
        I quite liked the idea and some parts of the story were cool (telling a small scale story built around one city and a small group of really well written characters) but obviously the execution and effort put into the game were WAY off.
        I still expect that DA III will be freaking awesome though!

        UFC looks great too. As a huge fan of the THQ games (well, the 1st and last ones) it will be really interesting to see what EA can do with the license. Like a good real-life fighter though, I’m hoping that the ability to do whacky flying cage kicks doesn’t come at the expense of solid fundamentals. All the spectacular flying ninja kick KO’s in the world aren’t going to redeem that game in the basic grappling and submission systems aren’t up to scratch.

        I’m a little concerned that EA are going to focus too much on developing ‘Hollywood’ MMA.

      As a huge metal gear and halo fan I'm more excited for ea's UFC than Destiny and the new metal gear game.

    Witness and Below in particular look incredible!

    For me, I'm excited about Rime, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Murdered: Soul Suspect and Alien: Isolation!

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter too! And Asylum!

    Last edited 14/01/14 2:05 pm

    where the hell is Elder Scrolls Online on this list?

      It's what Mark's most looking forward to, not you.

      Well it is a list of games Mark is personally looking forward to. My guess would be that it just isn't something he's dying to play right now.

    Huh. I really have no idea what's coming up this year at all. The only thing I can think of is Donkey Kong, apparently everything else has escaped my mind.

    I really need to know why [insert game here] is not in this list!

    Last edited 14/01/14 2:13 pm

    The 10 Games I'm Most Looking Forward To In 2014

    People should read that again. I can't wait for Destiny & MGS V though, plus inFamous and Watchdogs. Hopefully Sony continue putting the indie games up on PS Plus as well. The only game I'm a bit miffed about missing is Titanfall. Yeah I could get it on PC, but I have a feeling it'd be one of those games I wouldn't play on PC but I would on a console. Thief next month as well and the Abe's Oddysee remake and owning a PS4/Xbone could pay off quite quickly this year

    Titanfall - the 6v6 announcement doesn't bother me at all, I'm the same as Mark. This makes it more interesting, potentially intimate, skillful, and less of a spawn-anywhere-on-a-giant-map-and-get-shot-within-5-seconds-because-there's-so-many-people type deal. Don't get me wrong, I love BF4 - it's one of my favorite titles of 2013. Just nice to see someone else doesn't feel the need to just make BF, but with mechs. Not to mention the hardware requirement for consoles of potentially 64 mechs running about wrecking the world. Very excited for this.

    Diablo III - Reaper of Souls - this is just a no-brainer. It's Diablo, I'm excited. Forget tired internet memes about DRM, error codes, all that shit. I'm just excited for now. Also hoping the PS4 version of Diablo III includes RoS - that would be my ideal platform. Diablo 3 on PS3 worked surprisingly well - better than PC in many ways.

    Binding of Isaac Rebirth - The Binding of Isaac (with Wrath of the Lamb DLC) is one of my most surprising and loved games of the last 10 years. I love Edmund McMillen's dark style, the humour, his approach to making games - and he actually seems like a really grounded and nice guy as well. Really super excited to see how this turns out, and most notably excited for the Vita version. Vita has Terraria, Spelunky as well as Minecraft on the way - if Don't Starve gets a port, and once BoI:R arrives - the Vita's got a hell of a lot going for it on the indie front. Some truly amazing games and plenty reason enough to own a Vita alone.

    MGSV - It's Metal Gear. That's all there is. MGSIV is a flawed, brilliant, masterpiece that still stands as my favorite console game of the last generation. For an almost 6 year old game, fire it up and marvel at how amazing it still looks.

    God Eater 2 (Localisation) - No port confirmed yet, but if there is, I will literally shit my pants on the spot. God Eater Burst is one of my top 5 games for PSP and this game looks amazing.

    Phantasy Star Online 2 (Localisation) - Same as God Eater 2. This needs to happen. If announced, I'll be off to change my unmentionables once again.

    Last edited 14/01/14 2:25 pm


        Yeah I'm looking forward to that, but not as much as a potential God Eater 2.

          Not even an english monster hunter 4?

            I wouldn't mind, but I've been playing MH for years and I feel like it's getting a little stale. Also didn't dig the environment changes in 3 - seaside village, swimming, etc. MHFU/MHP3rd were my favorite settings. MHP3rd is probably my favorite, but have to play semi translated ISOs since Capcom hates the west and didn't localise it. Still a great series, but more interested in God Eater these days.

      Assuming that the 6v6 announcement shouldn't have been a 5v5 or 4v4 announcment.
      It does worry me that they aren't getting the performance out of the console that they want. I'll be waiting for reviews and getting the PC version I think.

        I've already prepurchased the PC version as soon as it popped up on Origin. Super psyched.

    I think EA Sports UFC is going to be a a disappointment personally - as much as I am looking forward to it.

    The best Fight Night in my mind was Round 3 - It was all downhill from there (to be fair I only briefly played Champion whereas I 100% Round 3 so there is bias). I have never been a fan of 'Total Punch Control', face buttons are much better for any fighting game imo and I can already smell them implementing TPC into EA UFC... I also think getting rid of directional blocking in the later Fight Night games really took away from the defensive aspects.

    Also - Lest we forget EA's last attempt at Mixed Martial Arts was deplorable, especially compared to UFC 3 which in my mind is in the top 5 best fighting games ever let alone sports games. (in no particular order) Street Fighter Ultimate Hyper Mega Combo Final Demon - The New Extreme Worldwide Challengers Return, MK9, Tekken 6 and MvC3 being the top 4 with UFC 3 sitting comfortably in 5th mooning DOA, VF and Soul Caliber.

    I just hope they stick to the road THQ was walking. Make changes to the online gameplay, the submission system and some of the cheaper aspects of the ground game (getting so easily rocked from Side Control for instance). Add a basic storyline and a major graphics overhaul - and lob in the slow motion KO visuals from the Fight Night's.. Keep Pride mode and the older fighters (and perhaps even add more of them.. Fedor pls) and you have the recipe for greatness.

    Anyway there's my three fitty.

      I'm with you, a little cautious about this game. I've never liked the "Total Punch Control" system, and it was even worse when applied to MMA.

      I still don't think anyone's cracked the ground game puzzle, either. There has to be a way to make it more interesting and interactive. At least that was the one area that EA MMA had the previous UFC games beaten (if not just because the EA system wasn't going to break your controller... I can't believe someone thought that "shine" control system was a good idea...)

        I agree with you on the ground system, but there is no solution I can think of that will really capture the ground game. The 'shine' system has gotten rid of almost all the rubber on the sticks of three of my controllers. Savage hand cramps.

        I think the system in UFC 3 is better than the one in EA sports MMA.... but neither were good.

    South Park Stick of Truth !!!!

      I think this game has been overlooked by a lot of people.

      Judging from the feedback at expos from people who've played it, this could be one of the best games of the year.

    May aswell chuck in my top 10 anticipated games this year. (In no particular order).

    1. Dark Souls 2 (okay, maybe number one is in order but the following are in no particular order).
    2. Dragon Age: Inquisitor
    3. Destiny
    4. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze
    5. Trials Fusion
    6. Child of Light
    7. Infamous (despite not owning a PS4)
    8. Watch_Dogs
    9. Super Smash Bro's
    10. No Man's Sky

    Actually a bunch of kickstarter games are on my radar right now.
    Banner saga unlocks shortly and I think Satellite Reign is due this year. Add wasteland 2, pillars of eternity, road redemption and Massive Chalice and things are looking good.

    Of the bigger name titles I'm looking forward to The division and curious to see how watch dogs turns out

      I backed Satellite Reign and am unreasonably excited for it. Spent many hours playing Syndicate and Syndicate Wars on PC as a young'un, and this looks like it could be the goods.

      Wow, I'd forgotten about Satellite Reign already. I suck. =(

        THIS!!!! I am so primed for Syndicate, erm, Satellite Reign (needs a better title)

    I too am looking forward to some of those games. My big one though is inFamous: Second Son.

    I still don't understand why my favourite game isn't here.

      Because Chie love simulator came out in 2013!

    Watch Dogs and The Division are the only ones really on my radar.

    Dear Mr Serrels,

    Where do you get off not liking the same games as me? Sitting there, smugly, high up in the Kotaku Towers (that may or may not be made of ivory) you must just think you’re better than the rest of us. Expect a call from Today Tonight – I’m not letting this slide.

    Forever yours,

    You forgot The Last Guardian. That's coming out this year. Right?

    I also like the look of Rime, because it reminds me of Ico and SotC. And The Last Guardian.

    Watch Dogs is about the only thing that I'm looking forward to in the new year. Well that and Wasteland 2.

    Whats so good about Bungie. World doesn't need another crappy indie development team.

    Looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition not being button mashy.

    Looking forward to being disappointed about the above statement not being true.

    Last edited 14/01/14 4:43 pm

    I assume the people complaining about titanfalls 6 v 6 are either cod or bf players. Bigger isn't always better. Hell, some maps in bf4 just don't work with 64 players.

    Gears of War (the original, not the shitty sequels) had 4 v 4 which at first seemed very limited, but that ended up being one of if not the best multiplayer game I have played.

    I have a Trials Fusion detector that pulses every time I hear that game mentioned... guess which part of my body that detector is in ;)

    Im obviously keen for Fusion but after seeing a bunch of Watch Dogs gameplay at various events Im really excited for that game. It just really looks like a world I want to be in and around for a long time.

    Not really sure what else right now. There were a few E3 ones that got my interest but I'll wait for more solid info before jumping on that hype train.

    TRIALS FUSION! Gotta see if that Professor will come out of retirement :)

    6v6 in titan fall is one thing.

    The fact there's going to be 40 or so AI bots in the level is what I think is lame.

      It has potential, but it could backfire. Respawn obviously took inspiration from MOBAs (sorry, I meant hero brawlers) as the AI will be cannon fodder that are only there to secure capture points. I kind of hope your Player kill score and your ai kill score is seperate, though.
      However, now that I think about it, the ai will probably be integral to how the game plays. It's probably balanced so that the best way to get a Titan is to farm creeps, just like a MOBA. Yeah, this could either be really good or really bad.

    This list of games that are not finished yet and I haven't played yet are obviously shit games.

    Blows my mind that nobody has mentioned The Witcher III yet. Looks truly amazing.

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