Bait Misses Target

The bait missed its target on DeviantART user Enigmasystem's Pokémon fanart, attracting a pretty huge Gyarados instead of those relaxing 'Karps. Even if it's wild, this Pokémon would have nice stats in-game.

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    I always thought a Wailord would be pretty big, is there evidence that a Gyarados is bigger?

      I'm not sure of anywhere that states the actual length of gyarados but it's the second longest only to Rayquaza out of the flying pokemon.

      Waillord is about 8m taller than him though but again no length recorded.

      I'd probably go as far to say that gyarados would be longer.

      Last edited 17/01/14 7:50 pm

        Yeah, longer, I just always imagined Wailord as the size of a small island or something.

      I think it is ment to be the biggest

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