The Big Question: Are You Still Playing Last Generation Games?

Now that we're officially in the grasp of a new generation of consoles, do you have any interest in going back to games made for the 360 or the PS3?

It's a question I asked myself because I'm excited for Dark Souls II, and I totally plan to play that when it is released. But asides from that I think I may be completely done with both my Xbox 360 and my PlayStation 3.

And I didn't expect that. I expected this transition to be a slightly different one. Usually new consoles come out and that's it. I remember a handful of games getting my attention after the generation switch last time — God of War II, Okami — but for the most part I was all about games on new consoles.

This time it looked as though publishers and consumers were going to move away from the 360 and PS3 a little more slowly but now that the Xbox One and PS4 are selling as soon as they land on shelves, maybe that transition will be shorter than I expected.

So that's the question: do you plan on playing games on your old consoles this year? Or have you completely made the switch?


    Not currently, but had an urge with a mate to replay the original Lord of the Rings games on Xbox

    Yes... But it is because of a new years resolution where I am going to play my pile of shame in alphabetical order before I buy another game.

    At the end of which when you ask this next generation, I will also answer yes as I will have missed all this generation at this rate.

      Yeah, I don't have a PS4 yet so this is an excellent time to reduce my backlog of PS3 games I've not played/finished.

      My Steam backlog is another story altogether.

      THIS - Though I have already finished Lego Marvel on XBone. I couldn't help myself.

      Good idea, I have a 6foot tall collection of games that I haven't touched in years. Since DayZ has come out I barely turn the 360 on anymore for gaming purposes. It is now my foxtel service!

      Yes..... Pile of shame...... No sexual innuendos or anything, but mine's bigger than yours. I still have inFamous 1 to finish, Far Cry 3 to finish, MOH: Warfighter to finish, Batman Arkham Origins to finish, Injustice: Gods Among Us to finish, Uncharted 2 to finish, Deus Ex Human Revolution to finish, Splinter Cell: Black List to finish and more....

      And then there are the games I have yet to start: Hitman Absolution, Uncharted 3, Last of Us, inFamous 2, and Beyond: Two Souls. My PS4 will get dusty before my PS3 does..... WTF?

    Yes, PS+ and PC games are keeping me occupied. I see no reason to get a next-gen console yet.

      Yeah, there's not really any next-gen games on these next gen systems yet =/
      Until some exciting console exclusives come out, I see no reason not to stick to PC.

    Only GTA V, but very rarely now. If it was on this gen I reckon I'd play it a lot more.

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    Yup and more recently the original xbox too. Have been going around and buying games in bulk for cheap from people wanting to get cash for the xbone or ps4. By no means are the graphics from previous games so bad that it is unplayable.

    Plus having a large collection looks prety bitchin.

      Though it takes up sooo much space... especially when you've done the same thing back to the 16 bit era...

        The boxes are better to look at in that era. Better than dvd cases.

    The only next gen machine I have is the Wii U. For me, the next generation starts when the games that I want to play are released on the new machines.

    Being a predominately PC gamer helps a lot too.

    I'll be playing Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us at least once more before I put my PS3 away for good and I own the PC versions of many of the games from this generation that I want to replay.

    In a year, I'll have a different position.

    Most definitely. I'm replaying Beyond: Two Souls now and plan to replay The Last of Us when the Left Behind DLC is released. As long as there's good games, I'll keep on playing and replaying.

      I bought Beyond and it must be dual layer (as I suspected it would be) and my PS3 wont read the disc. So I go to get it of PSN and it says DISC ONLY!

        i don't understand why your PS3 won't read a PS3 disc... might wanna get a new one...

          yeah, I know it's broken. But only in the specific way that it won't read dual layer discs. Which happened sometime in between Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us, because I played a bunch of other (non-dual layer disced) games blissfully unaware until I bought TLoU. Apparently it's a pretty common problem, but I've held out on buying another PS3. Might just borrow a mate's to play Beyond.

            playing beyond myself at the moment... loving it so do whatever you have to so you can enjoy it :P

    Sticking with the 360 & wii for now, I too have a large pile of shame to work through before I am allowed to go next gen, and besides 2 free games( old ones I know but still free and if I haven't played them before bonus for me) a month from microsoft keeps building that pile.

    yes, i doubt my finances or need to go next gen will be that strong for a few years, the back catalogue still needs to be addressed as well

    Hell yeah. I still have loads of interesting stuff to play on my 360 and PS3. I've been logging in to my 360 most night recently, feeling slightly underprivileged when I see all my friends who are flagged as simply playing "Xbox One"... then realising that I have loads and loads of games that I'm still keen to play on the last generation console. So I just finished off GTA V, moved on to the Wolf Among Us, and last night started X-Men Origins: Wolverine for some brainless beat-em-up action. I'll probably finish that pretty quickly, then move on to X-Com (PS3 via PS+), Spec Ops: The Line, etc, etc....

    Also Dark Souls. I *will* finish it one day.

    Basically I still have loads of stuff to play and don't feel like I'm missing out at all being left in the past. Though I did play some Peggle the other night, and wish that Peggle 2 wasn't an xbone exclusive.

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    The answer is obvious! No games, no release schedule, shortage of consoles! Everyone is still playing 'last-gen' haha. Especially me with my backlog. :(

    Of course. Even if I had a PS4 or Xbox One (can't afford either at the moment thanks to car rego and other stuff), there just aren't enough games on either system for me to give up the PS3 and 360 just yet. Besides, I have a huge backlog I need to work my way through... >_>

      "Arent enough games"

      I dont get this comment

      Unless you play 14 games at once, there is quite a small and competent catalogue on the PS4 to keep most people entertained for a while, atleast until the next big round of games hit in Feb and March

      I bought 3 disc games, downloaded 3 plus games, one F2P game and 2 cross buy games on the PS4 so far and I never feel this "arent enough games" comment ever applies

      And some of the released games are so large in scope, there are hours of play in them (ie LEGO Marvel - 6hrs in and the game has me 14%)

      But everyone is different I guess

        A more accurate phrasing might be "aren't enough compelling games". I could afford a next gen console if I really wanted, but there's nothing I can see that is good enough to warrant that purchase, or that doesn't have an equally (or more) impressive alternative on the older consoles.

        Its always best to add "That I'm interested in" when you read a phrase like "aren't enough games". It's the position I'm in, give it a few months and the PS4 MIGHT have enough to justify a purchase but I'll probably be waiting towards the end of the year just to build the catalogue a bit more so when I finish the 2-3 games that prompted me to get the console, I might not have to wait 6 months more for the next interesting thing to come out.

        "I don't get this comment"

        And I don't get how people can't understand that statements such as "there aren't enough games" are based on personal opinion and taste and not cold hard facts. There just aren't enough games on either the PS4 or the Xbox One that interest me enough to stop playing my PS3/360. If there are games that interest you, then that's great, but that doesn't mean everyone is the same.

        Also, a lot of those are multiplats which are better on PC.

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        Nor me, I havent played last gen since getting my day 1 xbone, I've never thought "man I wish there was more games" I have finished Ryse on hard, BF4 on hard, DR3 on hard, am midway through career on Forza 5, have started a career in Fifa with 'gameface' and have just bought Assassins Creed 4 am about 10% through, I actually dont have enough time to play them all tbh.

        But most of those games are console ports of PC games. (Warframe, Blacklight Retribution)

          But they are still games, aren't they?

          I never play PC games, and there are plenty like me, so these are new games to people like us

          Sorry, but it also irritates me when people say the vita has no games because there are lots of PC ports... Without a vita I would never play Hotline Miami. Without a PS3 I would never have played Terraria and without my PS4 I would never have played Warframe.

    Don't plan on jumping to next gen for a long while. Actually going back a few generations and playing GBA games.
    Might even pick up a gamecube before a PS4.

    A little. I got rid of my 360 stuff but I am still finishing off odd things in GTAV on PS3, as well as replaying Red Dead Redemption because I rebought it on PS3 after having it previously on 360.

    Dark Souls II I might buy on PS3 because I don't know if I'll be able to wait the extra time for the PC release.

    Other than that my PS3 will still be hooked up to use as a blu ray player because it uses the blu ray remote and it will stop me from having to swap discs out of the PS4.

    Yes! I am so not done! I still have plenty of games to play, and two new games to pick up in the coming months. There's still plenty of games I want to play.

    I only recently finished Enslaved, after owning it for 2 years. I just finished Blacklist (I found myself actually enjoying the SP despite going in with low expectations. MP is garbage though) and I just started Diablo 3.
    I still have plenty of games to play, including RAGE and Kingdom of Amular.

    What sucks about the next gen is that some people have already moved on and I can't play games with them. I'm still looking for co-op players for games like Ghost Recon, ODST, Diablo, etc. I also want to play more custom games in Halo: Reach, even co-op through the Campaigns in all Halo games if someone wants to.

    Stupid next-gen making people want to play with shinier toys.

      I have yet to finish ODST or 4, and have only completed reach in single player if you were interested? My availability is variable and usually late in the evening (after 10), but we could maybe work something out? My XBL handle is batguy, can't remember if I already have you on my list.

        Ah come on! I tortured myself through co-op in Halo 4 by using a second controller because nobody was interested in the game anymore. The only person that did complained about the lag for the first mission and quit.

        As for ODST I'm always looking for players. The only people I found was Shadow, who's now too busy with his Xbone, and Raji who's rarely on.

        I also have preferences for co-op players. Obviously no kids and AUS/NZ players, but I also prefer patient people. I started Diablo 3 last night and someone from New Zealand joined and started skipping all dialogue. Fair for him, he's completed the game several times, but I prefer a bit of context aside from "Go to X, kill Y". It was a problem I had when I decided to play Borderlands 2 online. Way too many people skipped all dialogue and jokes, preventing me from enjoying them.

          Random skipping dialogue is annoying. It's why I only play new things co-op with friends.

          I'm all about co-op, having completely sworn off competitive years ago after Quake III angried up the blood too much.

          I'll make an effort to be on later tonight, even if only for a little while. We can start with ODST if you like?

          I'm always up for co-op, and I do need to make some time for diablo 3 and my tank of a barbarian. Plus I should probably finish ODST

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    I'm not exactly sure. My PC has been my primary system for the last couple of years. Not sure what generation the games on it belong to as visually the same games are going to look on par if not ahead of the new consoles on a PC.

    I have a PS4 but I'm not really using it for gaming much yet. My 360 (formerly my primary system) was packed away about a year ago as there's nothing new or upcoming on the system I can't get for PC as well. Halo 4 was basically the last major game there for me. I've got a fairly big pile of PS3 stuff I want to get to at some point but I'm finding it harder and harder to devote any time to games on it as it feels so slow and old (also I'm worried the system's dying but that's another issue).

    So I guess I'm a 'yes' and a 'no' at the same time?

    Nope, havent played my 360 since Nov 22nd, its now sitting at wifes parents beach house hooked up to an old CRT for movies/music

    I am playin last generation games on my ps4 as their are no next generation games out yet lol

    I like games so I will play all the games that exist in alphabetical order.

    I'm playing through Metal Gear Rising again while I wait for the Dead Rising 3 DLC. Might play through GTA 5 or Wonderful 101 again next month too while I wait for Thief and DKC:TF

    Plus there's Dark Souls 2 and South Park: The Stick of Truth to look forward to in March.

    And beyond!

    My most recently played game before the holidays was a DS game :P

    Trying (with minor success) to get my gf into playing games. Started Rayman Legends. So yes.

      If you have Xbone, Peggle 2 accomplished this for me.

        My wife went insane for Peggle on the PS3 back in the day. Even now, when I load it up and she hears it she'll come running from the other end of the house wanting to have a go :P

          Is that how you get out of housework? You're told to empty the dishwasher and you load up Peggle?

            Nah, I got out of housework years ago.

            It's simple, really - do a bad enough job of it the first time and she never asks you again :P

          Yeah everytime I load it up, all of a sudden it's" "ooo it's so pretty", "the music is so nice", "it really makes you feel good about winning" , etc. Well done, PopCap!

            "it really makes you feel good about winning"

            That s EXACTLY what she says! She says it makes her feel like she's really achieved / accomplished something, even though she hasn't :P

              So, she'll love Call of Duty then? :P

                No, in COD you achieve nothing and that's exactly what it feels like :P

          I remember showing my Peggle about two years ago (her video gaming begins and ends with Candy Crush) she clocked it in one (very long) Saturday afternoon!

          She has no interest in any other genre save for The Sims

    There is still a lot of ps3 games i haven't had time for that i plan on playing before i even think about upgrading to a ps4.

    Yes for two reasons.
    1) Dark Souls 2 in a few months.
    2) None of the 'next-gen' games look any good.

    Personally, I had been hoping for something a bit more out of a new generation of game console than just graphics++. I'm pretty disappointed at the meager opening line up of generic titles.
    A new generation of consoles should have been a time to push the envelope and try something creative and new. The fact that most of the touted titles for the XBox One and PS4 are also available on the previous consoles implies that there is no point in sinking hundreds of dollars into a new console.

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