The Big Question: Should Nintendo Go Third Party?

There's a lot of discussion at the moment about Nintendo and how to 'fix' Nintendo. I think most of it is complete nonsense but that's just me. The suggestion that just won't go away is the idea that Nintendo should focus its resources on game development and stop making consoles altogether. What do you think: good idea, bad idea?

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    I think Nintendo's biggest issue is they are not moving with the times. They are still stuck with a family model that is not as relevant as it was in the early 90's. They need to stop focusing on family fun games so much and realise that the gamers have grown up. I'm not saying family party games are a bad thing. I just think they need to open their minds to more 3rd party exclusives. Throw some money at big developers.

    Also, they need to integrate the 3DS and 2DS into the Wii U. I don't know why they made this big screen controller when they could of just made the 3DS it. They just need to go back to the NES, SNES, and 64 days and look at where they went wrong.

    If these silly rumours are true (0.1% chance) and they do make a new console, then yes because it's only a matter of time before they face a Sega-like decline and pull out.

    Fortunately Nintendo are smarter than that. All they need is to get rid of Iwata and put a better CEO who can actually instil confidence in the company and its products. It can be done- look at how Kaz Hirai turned around the Playstation 3. It was a laughing stock for the first few years because of cocky decisions by Kutaragi, Hirai replaced him and turned it around big time.

    nintendo exists in its own little bubble, oblivious to the standards set by the rest of the industry. they make great controllers sure, but the wii u console itself is awful. abusive DRM, awful online infrastructure, minimalist OS, lack of grunt. frankly I don't think sticking a touch screen in the controller makes up for that.

    I'd rather they stick to handhelds, thats their strong suit.

    You will get lynch mobbed for asking that question.

    Going Third Party would be the least interesting thing they could do. They need to do something crazy and unexpected.

    Here is a crazy idea they can have for free:
    Form a partnership with Oculus Rift to create a Wii U version of the device and announce that all Nintendo games will support some level of VR.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Wii Rift. And this is what a Pokemon battle looks like in 3D virtual reality"

    I don't know if they should go 3rd party, but they definitely need a wake up call. Nintendo is going the same way Sega did; too many consoles and not a big enough gap between. Not to mention the WiiU is spectacularly underpowered compared to... well, everything, and it has an appalling lack of games.

    Nintendo's biggest problem is their arrogance. They believe that releasing one new Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Yoshi game a year will keep them alive. Yes Nintendo has awesome first party exclusives, but that's not enough anymore to make people buy a console, just for the occasional game they want to play. Nintendo are doing absolutely nothing except keeping their core fanbase - the people who will devour every single one of those Zelda or Mario or Pokemon games. But that's it. There's absolutely nothing to recommend a Nintendo anything to a casual gamer anymore. Unless you like those few franchises I've listed, there's no other exclusives that make people sit up and go "God, I really NEED a WiiU/3DS/etc". Not to mention, I'd say very few people would prefer to play multiplatform third party games due to the aforementioned underwhelming power of the WiiU.

    I don't currently have a Nintendo anything. I've preferred PlayStation since I got my first one and I can only afford to maintain one console. But I grew up with Nintendo and up until the release of the Wii I'd had every Nintendo console or handheld that had been released. I loved Nintendo, and they used to be the THING. But they've become lazy, complacent, and as I said, arrogant. And if they don't wake up to themselves, and soon, Nintendo will be a thing of the past.

    In the previous generation they hit the jackpot with the Wii. OK, the Wii U isn't great, but that doesn't mean they should give up on consoles forever.

    I would sincerely hope that everyone who ticked 'NO' in the poll, owns a Wii U and actively supports Nintendo. Personally i ticked yes as the only good games on Nintendo's console are 1st party, i feel i have a better selection of games on the PS4/Xbox/PC , would love to see Nintendo count their losses and bring their content to the wider market, this would enable them to sell more games, earn more money and thus make more great titles!

    I think Sega has already demonstrated perfectly well how far a great and creative game company will fall once they give up on their consoles and no longer have the breathing room to take risks.

    Problem isnt with their consoles (ok some of it is) but the problem is with their lack of inspiring games. Why would I want to play a new Zelda when I can play Metal Gear Solid 5?

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    Yes yes they should I would love to turn the PS4 on and play some Super Mario PS4,donkey kong country and other titles.Even though I do own a 3DS just seems like so much effect to grab and turn on unlike the PS4 lol

    Another 'Big Question' article and just like all the others it doesn't work on the mobile site :(

    The amount of people saying that Nintendo games are only special/only work on a Nintendo machine confuses me, since from what I've heard, most Wii U games don't really use the Wii U controller except superfluously. Not to mention the 3DS, aside from streetpasses (which while a nice distraction add nothing to 99% of games), what unique thing does it offer? Certainly not 3D, since flagship titles like Pokemon X/Y barely even uses it!

    99.9% of Nintendo titles would work fine on any other platform. That's fact, as much as people seem to believe otherwise. I don't understand why people deny this, I can only assume it's to make themselves feel better about their Nintendo console purchases that gather dust for months at a time between Nintendo titles.

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