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I thought folks might have some trouble with Friday's haiku and I was right! It took you a whole hour? Oh my! Congrats to cyberxenomorph who correctly guessed Kid Clown in Crazy Chase. That was a pretty obscure one!

Today's haitaku comes from... me baby! So take it easy on me folks. It's a Monday and all that. I haven't even eaten my porridge yet.

People are in need This game is making me cry Now to save the world.

Oh man, this could be anything. Worst haitaku ever!

This is HaiTaku. We write haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Super Serrels and the quest for the Golden Oat.

    Good Guy Mark discovers that by eating porridge he can transform into a super hero, he dons a cape and goes around saving people in need. His nemesis, the evil Lord Plunk has stolen the mystical golden oat and the world cries out for someone to restore order to breakfast the world over. This is a game depicting Good Guy Mark's journey to save the world from boring, unwholesome breakfasts like corn flakes and copypasta.

    This one is The Dig.
    You know I didn't read it,
    And you know I'm right.

      With a pitch like that
      You're better than Kekovich
      at spruiking lamb.

        You know it makes sense
        [Insert seven syllables]
        I'm Sam Kekovich

    Elite Beat Agents

    I haven't played it, but To The Moon?

      Doesn't involve saving the world, does involve lots of ... airborne dust particles clogging up your eyes.

    Little Inferno?

    Super Princess Peach? Or some other game that makes the player character cry

    I know it's new, but it sounds like it could be Resogun.

    If it was ME, both Ni No Kuni and Final Fantasy VI would fit.

    Binding of Isaac?

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