Elder Scrolls Online Special Edition Comes With A Lot

$100 Special Edition For The Elder Scrolls Online Comes With A Lot

The Elder Scrolls Online released a new eight-minute cinematic trailer today, along with news of two special editions and the enticement of five-day early access for those who pre-order the game.

Bethesda itself is offering early access for those who preorder the digital versions of the game through The Elder Scrolls Online store, which is taking orders now; Bethesda also notes that early access is being offered through other participating retailers.

The special edition is called the "Imperial Edition", and it will run $US99.99. It includes steelbook packaging for the game, a physical map of Tamriel, and a 12-inch statue of Molag Bal, "Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement". It also comes with "The Improved Emperor's Guide to Tamriel", which is a 224-page illustrated book about the world of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Digital perks for the the special edition include a white Imperial horse mount, a mudcrab vanity pet, and the opportunity to play as an Imperial in any Alliance. Players will also get an experience bonus for playing with a friend after completing the "Ritual of Mara" quest with them.

A digital-only special edition, containing just the digital content mentioned above, is being sold for $US79.99. There are more details at the link.

The Elder Scrolls Online will launch on April 4 for PC and Mac and on PS4 and Xbox One in June.

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Announced; The Elder Scrolls Online Official Store Launches [Bethesda Blog]


    Loving the statue... that's a pretty great special edition.

    I think I'd rather saunter in sometimes after release, when things are working smoothly. Or maybe I'll wait until it goes free to play.


      No. A subscription based service at a ridiculous price and an even more expensive "Special Edition"?

      Bethesda you lost it. You lost it after Morrowind.

      Checked EB this morning..... Now $169.95 AU

    I can't wait to slaughter Thalmor and other Atlmeri supremacist scum. Bring it on!

    Official pre-order FAQ says the digital standard edition is US$59.99 (almost $AU70 - fair enough). Navigate through to the online store, and BOOM - price immediately increased to AU$89.95.

    What gives?

      And the digital collectors edition is $119.95
      Absolutely ridiculous...

      Australia Tax. Not GST, not shipping (digital - DUH), just 'because'.
      The tax is comprised of 50% "Why not? We know those idiots will pay it," 50% sucking retailer dick, 100% douchebaggery.

      It's how many - if not most - of the big publishers roll.

    A little disappointed that the PC version is the same price as the console version, when the normal edition is $10 cheaper... On another note, buying at launch allows you to play as any race in any faction, even in the standard edition. Hmm... do I want that statue, map and book for an extra $50...? It's a cool statue, but is it worth an extra 55%? So torn...

    Regardless, I'm thinking playing a bosmer defector among the Ebonheart Pact would be cool... Besides, I still can't figure out why they're even a part of the Aldmeri Dominion, unless they were strong-armed by their taller brethren... Nevermind... I'm blind.

    Last edited 30/01/14 11:29 am

    The online imperial version gives you the two latest ACs

    Locking the Imerial race behind a paywall when they are already charging us for a full price game and monthly subs... it's like they are trying to put people off.

    Is it going to be cross-platform compatible between PC/PS4/XB1?

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