The Friendliest DayZ Robbery I've Ever Seen

Getting robbed by another player in the online survival game DayZ usually means being kidnapped, likely humiliated and possibly forced into a cage match against a fellow prisoner, all before being killed and having your corpse looted. But must it be that way?

In the video up top, Joab Gilroy attempts to set a new sort of example. It's still a robbery, but it's a robbery so gentlemanly that Stockholm Syndrome sets in in mere minutes.

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    This is a friendliest robbery ever. In my game, i was shot dead...

      Someone should team up with a decent sniper and do a reverse robbery.

      You slap on an empty backpack and roam around these high traffic areas as bait. Lure in the robbers and let your sniper friend take care of business :)

    I did a 'reverse' robbery once. Was at Balota airfield. Stopped a guy on the road south of it. He thought I was going to kill him as he'd just run up from the beach after spawning in. Felt generous and was always up for a challenge so dropped my bag for him with a spare compass, canopener, waterbottles etc. My clothing had heaps of pockets already (baggy pants, vest, big shirt etc) and had all those in them anyhow. Found another bag within 2 minutes anyhow in the barracks as well as a rifle, ammo etc, they're pretty common there). Needless to say he was pretty grateful.

    I wasn't silly enough to give him a weapon though... I kept the knife...

    That'd be just asking for trouble :O

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      You're like a shopgiver, rather than a shoplifter :P

        I just think you get out of it what you put into it...

    I'd love to see a game like this on consoles, hope division is good

      It's coming out on Playstation 4. Won't be on Xbox one sadly.

        Didnt they say no xbone version cos of cost of updates and not indie friendly? which has all changed now.

          xbox one has zero cost for updates now and it is indie friendly. they originally said back in june that theyre CONSIDERING PS4 at that point and not xbox one because of those issues, now those issues dont exist so itd only make sense that theyre CONSIDERING both. imo itll never happen though. took them too long for SA for PC, they wont do it.

    oh I don't know, I think I was pretty friendly, we even took a photo together.

    haha, I love how the guy who was just robbed says thankyou right at the end. Followed by, "Can I come out?"
    I only ever get shot in the face by ass hats.

    I love the game and the concept, even though every time i play some knob jockey bandit just shoots me in the back with no warning.

    Watch FRANKIEonPCin1080p's video around 18m30s
    I wouldn't even call this a robbery all he does is handcuff and force feed somebody a drink and some tuna :P

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