The Honest Guide To DayZ

The Honest Guide To DayZ

Forming squads, gearing up and taking down zombies. That’s what DayZ is all about, right? Well, not entirely. Falling off ladders, dying from rotten bananas and being chased by zombies that can walk through walls, while trying to find players nearby? That’s more like it!

Here’s an animated (and slightly NSFW) guide to DayZ from YouTuber Pyrion Flax that tells the truth.

Pyrion Flax’s Guide to: DayZ [YouTube]


  • Hadn’t played Dayz much but had no idea about the whole ghosting thing. That alone puts me off bigtime until the game is fixed. Which will no doubt be a long time.

    • Do people actually remember the specific name of the server they log onto? The game doesn’t give you a clear idea of which you were on. So it’s hard to ghost if you’re not actively trying to.

  • the worst bug in Dayz is losing your character; i don’t mind being KIA, but to die doing nothing; well that sucks.

  • I love the DayZ standalone, with all its quirks. This + Oculus Rift in 1080,,,, brown pants action right there.

  • Ghosting used to be an issue in the mod – Private hives fix this as your character only exists on that one server so you cant server hop. Im suprised they didn’t remember this for the SA, they even used to have a 15 min knockout timer if you logged out of one server and into another too quickly.

  • DayZ seems to exemplify everything I hate about our current multiplayer-focused gaming era. I keep reading articles about it because it’s a nice success story for the creator, but I can’t see myself ever giving it a go.

  • Steve definitely is a cunt. So are ladders. Lost an 8 hour old character last night because of a dodgy ladder.

    • I haven’t had any ladder bugs yet. I am terrified though. My third (current) character is 20-30 hours old at the moment.

  • is it me, or is the guy in the video trying to be a bit like Yahtzee from escapist?

    i still wanna give this game a go, just for the experience of it, but im not forking out $30 just to try it out.

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