The Inevitable Erotic Metal Gear Solid V Figure

The Inevitable Erotic Metal Gear Solid V Figure

We told you not to be surprised! We told you that game designer Hideo Kojima was making MGSV character Quiet all sexy because, um, it’s good for cosplay, or selling figures, or something.

According to Kojima’s Twitter, this is the “Play Arts Kai” version of Quiet. The figure is still a work-in-progress.

The Inevitable Erotic Metal Gear Solid V Figure

This doesn’t exactly seem like sensible gear for the battlefield.

The Inevitable Erotic Metal Gear Solid V Figure

プレイアーツ改「クワイエット」の全身 [Kojima_Hideo] こちらも制作途中のプレイアーツ改「クワイエット」の試作モデル [Kojima_Hideo]


  • That is probably one of the more ugly figures i’ve seen. Everything about it just looks…off

  • The funny thing is this isn’t an erotic figurine, technically. It’s an exact replica of a character who is dressed in a slutty way. 😛

    • Probably doesn’t matter. A friend introduced me to the concept of ‘hot glue’ a week ago and now I can’t look at these figures the same way. Disclaimer: Don’t Google it.

  • In all fairness the ratio of men complete with lunchbox action details vs ‘sexy’ women in the world of MGS PVC figures is quite high. So plenty of unrealistc standards for all!

  • Still the same article as the last time, as there’s been no change in the author’s knowledge of the game.

    Waiting for the game to launch to understand the rationale for the character design, as suggested by the game creator.

  • I’m sick and tired of all this commercial pressure for women to look more and more like I want them to.

  • So will we act the same way to the women who choose to cosplay as something so reprehensible? Should we sexualize absolutely nothing? Should sex only be portrayed one way? If gratuitous violence can be acceptable and even amusing then why can’t sex? I don’t get the demonization.

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