The Penny Whistle Is So Hot Right Now

If you played the Bravely Default demo, chances are you were a bit swept up in the fantastic world-map music. Perhaps you were also reminded of Ni No Kuni's excellent world-map music.

That's probably because both compositions prominantly feature the penny whistle (or tin whistle), rising above the orchestra in that special lilting way it has. See also: The Lord of the Rings and Titanic, among others.


    If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make fog horns out of?

    I still need to get myself a 3DS to play this game!

    Chances are we have played more than the demo, since it's been out here since the start of december. Great game, great music, great voice acting. Can't ask for much more.

    It's the only JRPG since The World Ends With You, that I have actually enjoyed. Makes Final Fantasy 13/13-2 seem like crap.

      Yup. I've pumped almost 50 hours into it now and I still want more!

        Yeah I finished it at about 60 hours all up. I think I'd be ok with a much shorter, less repetitive ending though, lol.

        Make sure you actually get to the proper ending (where you see the bravely second trailer). If you dont get the real one the first time, it saves back to a place where you can do the real one, so its not a big dealio. Would be a real shame to miss the real one though as it is much more epic than the other.

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      Absolutely my favourite JRPG since Dragon Quest 9. I'm only about 52+ hours in and I have loved every single minute of it! :D

      I especially like how the games gives you a completely
      optional ending that you may or may not find depending on how much you conform to what the game expects you to do. second spoiler is how to do the optional ending for those interested
      when you are unlocking a crystal after about the 2nd or 3rd loop (after ringabels reveal I believe it is) you keep pressing X after Airy tells you to stop and keep going even when she starts bitching, you go on to complete the game and can save after credits and retain the items you pick up including the ribbon so you can farm it a few times

      All in all a great game with some very cool class combinations and customizations etc and a story, setting and gameplay style that is a massive nostalgia bomb for anyone who played back in the JRPG hey-day back on the SNES.

      great voice acting

      Really? Every time Agnes opens her mouth, it's horrible. I know it's typical 'JRPG female' breathy, shrieky, high-pitched over-acting but goddamn, it's so bad. RIngabel is obviously an American guy trying to do a Hugh Grant accent but Agnes is just the worst. It's a great game, and I'm currently on the vampire class dragon farm but can't stand the English VA.

        I still find it levels above other va'd RPGs. I do think Agnes is the most boring character of the four though.

          Oh Agnes is just insufferable. The annoying selflessness wore thin after about the first half hour where every conversation was some variation of someone trying to help, and her brushing them off. Combined with the awful VA, yuk yuk yuk.

          I was playing through the game independently with a friend and she suspected that Ringabel was a self-hating, closeted homosexual by how frequently he'd assure us in every sentence how much he loves women. Then we got the point where he starts admiring womens clothes and we lost it.

            I feel ringabell was done really well for the ladykiller kind of character they always put in. To me it seemed like he was just going for it because he didn't have anything else to do, since he doesn't remember much.

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        By English dubbing standards, it's not bad in my opinion, but considering how there is the Japanese track... well yeah. The translation of the text on the other hand is amazing, and captures the spirit of the original Japanese dialogue.

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        I switched to the Japanese audio one hour in and have not looked back.

    I was away for most of Dec and early Jan, so I totally missed that this had hit the shelves already.

    When I wandered into the shops yesterday and saw it on the shelf I had a joygasm. Now I just need to finish off Link between Worlds so I can start on it asap.

    Also, I think we should take this rare opportunity of getting a big ticket game earlier than the US and spoil the hell out of it like they did to fire emblem awakening and the countless Kotaku US copypastas that wound up here going on about this late-game something or that character development, will need Mark Serrels help in getting articles linked over on the US site though >.>

    Is this not the same sight that is constantly harping on about objectification of women?

    Great pic btw. No sarcasm, I love that pic. Just seems weird from some of the articles you guys have published.

      You must be new here. Kotaku US is always "objectification of women is bad" one day and "here are some pics and games about objectified women you should look at/play" the next. Their message is incredibly inconsistent.

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    I bought this game simply because Revo (the composer behind my favourite band Sound Horizon) did the music and I havn't been disappointed in the gameplay. I'm about 30-something hours in and love how many jobs and ways to customize your characters there are

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