The Powerpuff Girls, All Grown Up

The Powerpuff Girls, All Grown Up

I'm not sure what you'd call this series. The Powerpuff Women sounds... weird. But whatever they'd call it, if it were real, I'd watch it.

Artist Stanley Lau - who we've featured on Kotaku before for his Street Fighter work - calls them the Power Puffing Ladies. That could work.

The Powerpuffs?

Power Puffing Ladies [Stanley Lau, via ALBOTAS]

The Powerpuff Girls, All Grown Up


    Disgusting. Seriously. Having to sexualise completely innocent children's characters. What is the need? They would look just as good - if not better, if they didn't have gigantic breasts or ridiculously short dresses.

      I tend not to get hung up on it too much, but I understand your point. Unfortunately, it's not the sexualisation of previously non-raunchy characters that I find truly dubious, it's the toys like the Bratz dolls which are specifically made for children. Young children - girls in particular I guess - are subjected to some extremely questionable 'toys' which I believe, a mere ten to fifteen years ago, would NEVER have been as accepted as mainstream products as they are now.

      As a childless dude with a wonderful partner with whom I been together for over five years now, people often ask us: A) when are you getting married?, and B) where are the babies?

      Truth is I have a woman who I adore and the relationship is the first truly balanced one I've had, and I feel totally complete - as does she. We aren't interested in children at all. And maybe this is melodramatic, but contact I have with my friends kids makes me feel for the parents of small children out there. There are literally a world of issues which they need to explain. How you explain the over-saturation and obsession with sex at every level of the media to a kid.... well, I imagine it's a challenge.

      (Sorry for off topic.)

      EDIT: woops, wrong article. I do like the samus art, and the p-puff girls one too. (PS. I really like the Samus picture - it's artful fantasy, which is good enough for me)

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        I completely agree. And I suppose this does apply to both pieces of artwork. Don't get my wrong, both artists are amazing at what they do. It just makes me sad is all.
        As for bratz. I understand exactly what you're saying. I actually have a daughter of my own who is less than a year old. I guess I have a while to figure out how I'm going to teach her about all this. She doesn't have to look a certain way to be loved in the world. She is loved no matter what.
        And if she takes after me and my partner, she is going to be one cool little lady.

        Wait. What article were you supposed to be commenting on!?

    But whatever they’d call it, if it were real, I’d fap.

    No need to sugarcoat it, Luke.

      Thanks for the LOL. Kotaku's articles are hit and miss, but thanks to some very funny members here I always at least get a couple of laughs every time I visit the site. Some of the banter in these comment sections is top notch. Keep it up! !

    Troy says it better than I can:

    "The Powerpuff Girls, All Grown Up" and ready to FUCK!

    I find this uncomfortably arousing, like knowing someone when their five years old then not seeing them for fifteen years and when you see them again they grew up really hot

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