The Sequel To Chess Is Out Today

The Sequel To Chess is Out Today

You know, I love Chess. I really do. But like many first-instalments, I feel like it left so many questions unanswered.

Questions like:

1. Does the Rook have ulterior motives?

2. Will Pawn move to E4 to be closer to his love, Rachel?

3. Why is Ben Kingsley such a massive dick?

4. What will happen to Daenerys Targaryen?

All those questions and more (I assume) are going to be answered in the Ouya-only sequel Chess 2: The Sequel by David Sirlin and Ludeme Games, which is out today. This is not to be confused with Bennett Foddy's Speed Chess, the breakaway spinoff starring the familiar cast. Our compatriots at Kotaku Australia took a look at it back in December and got a kick out of it. Unlike the original ruleset, Chess 2 allows for 6 possible army choices and deemphasizes rote memorization.

For more info, go here. And if you want a free print and play version of the rules, you can get them here.



    Urgh! This game suuuuucks! The Rook is way overpowered and the art design is uninspired. Even with a patch I don't think this game is playable. 7/10.

    The first game was way better. They need to go back to their roots.

    Last edited 22/01/14 11:20 am

      This game sucks and you give it 7/10? Perhaps you should re-adjust your rating scale.

        Someone hasn't been in the videogames industry for long :)

          I agree that the ratings in the industry are higher, they usually don't outright say that it sucks then give it a seven though.

        according to IGN readers, 7/10 is the worst.

    Totally hoped the Queen got a nerf.... was totally OP....

    Though, I've heard that the free version only comes with pawns. The other pieces are launch day DLC.

      Queens fine. Learn 2 play

    You have to pay microtransactions or level up each piece otherwise they can only move one space at a time in the first few levels.

    Last edited 22/01/14 11:38 am

    I hope this has a MMO coming out for it soon, that'd be so sweet.

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