The Simpsons Pay A Touching Tribute To Miyazaki's Films

The Simpsons Pay A Touching Tribute To Miyazaki's Films

A shadow of its former self, The Simpsons gave up on smart comedy and snappy satire long ago. The crude pop culture gags and associations which took their place are usually awkward and a little bit desperate. Except for this one.

Unlike other recent attempts, which feel more geared towards the frantic, fleeting seizure of another show's fandom for a week, this tribute to the works of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli seems like it came straight from the heart. The Joe Hisaishi impersonation on the soundtrack only adds to the gesture.

Presumably this is part of the new episode airing this weekend.


    Kinda like, Kotaku, an image of it's former self, that used to be about games, that now is about white knighting for feminist rights and hating on whatever is cool.

    I still enjoy reading/watching both :P.

    Last edited 11/01/14 7:11 am

      I dislike people lumping anyone who wants to explore the portrayal of women in games as white knights. It's such a derogatory label, not all of us want to defend women's rights to get in their pants, I've been happily married 14 years, I'm just sick of seeing women as sex objects wearing cleavage revealing body armour. I want awesome female characters like you find in cinema and books.

      Lumping us into the white knight category is such a narrow minded reductionist attitude.

        Nevertheless, white knighting does happen and it does seem to happen here. I don't think I'd take his comment as saying every gender discussion that happens here is white knighting, just some of it.

          Indeed, I'm just sick of the kotaku amataur psychologist hour where everyone labels things as male power fantasies or sex symbols.

            I'm sick of buzz words too. Power-fantasy, patriarchy, white knight etc

            I'd also like to see more time devoted to recognizing positive female characters in games. People like to whinge whenever there's super busty women with their sexual organs hanging out of their plate-mail, but dozens of progressive games put forward realistic depictions of ladies but they're hardly recognized.

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    yeh do you have to be such a hater, just cos you got old?

    Yeah, the time for Simpsons bashing has come and passed, the last couple seasons have really picked back up on the clever nature previously inherent to the show. Sure, it'll never be the Simpsons we all grew up on, but I actually felt that the last episode involving movie piracy was replete with "snappy satire", not to mention a totally badass Swedish Ambassador.

      Yeah I thought that ones was pretty good.

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