The Witcher 3 Sure Has Some Pretty Screenshots

Despite the fact I haven't played much of either of the first two Witcher games, I've found myself getting a little excited about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It just looks so... purrty. Today the folks at CD Projekt released a few more screenshots proving that fact.

I wonder if this is The Witcher game that crosses over to the mainstream. I suspect it might be, mainly because of the simultaneous release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Perhaps this could be the Morrowind or Oblivion of the Witcher series. It certainly is gathering a fair amount of attention and hype.

Thread: New screenshots from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! [CD Projekt]

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    I'm like you Mark, I have both of the Witcher games but have only played a smidgen of the first one. I know the second one's way better but I want to get through the first one before I play it.

    I have a feeling that this will be the breakthrough game though. Hopefully the market won't be too saturated by then with fantasy open world games. Cyberpunk 2077 also looks like it could be fantastic. CD Projekt RED could be one of the big developers in a couple of years time

      Honestly, there is no harm in skipping the first. I did the same thing, played the first before the second... And I didn't remember a damn thing, it all just felt irrelevant. I've been told it flows into the second, but I couldn't see it.

        Maybe about how Tris and Gerald is together which is from the first story and how he became such an important person to the stuck up king? Probably just story flow and not crucial elements.

          The problem with that though, depending how you play number 1 you can end up with someone other than Triss. I didn't even realise it was the same king until after I finished number 2, probably because of the drastic change in character model.

        I did the same as you and persisted through Witcher 1,
        Honestly the only thing that 1 does is world building.
        Creating a better understanding of how the world hangs together.
        After playing that and starting 2, i realised that the 40 odd hours that i put in was entirely unnecessary for my enjoyment of The Witcher 2 :P

          I'll give 2 a go when I have time then :) When that time will be...

            If you find yourself lost on something in the game, read a wiki about Witcher 1, but i don't think you'd bump into something that isn't explained at all...

        As someone who has to be selective about games I play due to being 'time poor', I think I'll probably skip right to Witcher 2.

    I couldn't get into the first one, but 2 was fantastic. I'm going to play through it again, when we get a release date for W3

    I got Witcher 2 on steam and played a little bit, it's pretty cool but I'm really looking forward to how they get W3 to work on PS4.

    For those that haven't given W2 a go, I highly recommend it. I really like how your choices affected the world without being tied to some kind of "Paragon/Renegade" system. Made it a lot easier to just make each choice as it came, instead of picking the "right" one.

      Yeh gotta say Witcher 2 is one of the only games that truly delivered on how your choices can affect the entire game, rather than just the ending. A decision you make in the first act, totally changes the game for the 2nd and 3rd acts. and yeh most decisions are always in that morally grey area..

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    I don't get why he needs 2 swords.

      One is steel for stabbing humans, the other is silver for stabbing monsters (because they're weak to silver or something).
      You might imagine you could get away with just the silver one, but silver is really a terrible metal to make swords from - nowhere near as tough as iron/steel, and it would be damaged incredibly easily by iron/steel swords.
      Hence the two.

        They're both for killing monsters. Couldn't resist one of my favourite quotes from that game

    Contrary to everyone on this thread, i consider the first witcher to be better than the second. The richness of story and lack of pointless storyline splitting really brought home the narrative for me in a way the second didn't.

    Despite the fact I haven’t played much of either of the first two Witcher games

    Shame! :P

    Time to start socking away the pennies for a new GPU. Something tells me my current card would see my GOG purchase then crawl away to die.

    When it gets a release date, I'll set aside some time and go back and actually finish Witcher 2. Until then, it's not a top priority.
    I was going to get it done at the end of last year (yeah, that was a great plan - finish a 40+ hour RPG during peak release time...), which went about as well as anyone could expect, in hindsight; that is to say "2 hours of reacquainting myself with the story and objectives, then getting distracted by new releases". *sigh*

    I've finished the 2nd one once (I hear there are multiple endings) and it's pretty and all, has great writing and has some great gameplay concepts but in the end I felt kind of meh about the whole thing which is weird because it should be the kind of game I really like.

    I'll approach W3 with the same trepidation I think but I hope an open world can help redeem it somewhat.

    I hope they release a creation kit like Bethesda did. I'd love to see what modders could do to this game. Look at Skyrim. Still the most beautiful game on PC once modded, and so much re-playability.

    In short, I can not STRESS enough, take the time and patience to read the books before you start the games! At some point at least.

    They might not be necessary in order to play the games but put it this way, it would be like watching The lord of the rings without even knowing that it was based on a series of books, let alone a sequel which followed on from a book called The hobbit. Maybe a silly illustration but anyone who's read the books I'm sure will back me up.

    I'm one of those "the books came first" type of people. But in my opinion, they add a lot of character depth and give some background which helped me understand certain things in the games.

      +1. Unfortunately not all of them are translated into English, which is a dying shame, but fans have done some excellent translations on their own.

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