The Worst Job Applications In Video Games Revealed

Develop has a really great little feature running on its site at the moment. It's asked game developers working at studios to reveal the absolute worst things they've ever seen in job applications. It's hilarious, but it's also a cautionary tale! Thinking about applying for a job in video games? Maybe don't describe yourself as "amazeballs" in your resume!

— Then there was the woman who literally offered up her bum for slapping.

— The man who sent a CD filled with 3D art of severed female limbs.

— The person who sent a porn video along with his work, and then somehow still got hired!

It's a lot of fun, and there are some real humdingers in there. Head to Develop to check out the full thing.

#DevJobFail: The worst game job applications ever [Develop]


    "I couldn't remember if it was at 3pm or 4pm, so I thought I'd come at 3.30pm".

    What!? What!?!?!? WHAT!!??!!??

    These are what these link-articles should look like. Cheers, Serrels.

    – The man who sent a CD filled with 3D art of severed female limbs.
    A bit disturbing, but he might be a good fit for an R rated zombie game.

      Had a web designer job advertised at an agency I was working for, and one guy sent in a portfolio which had a massive section filled with Manga style naked woman drawings. They got increasingly weird with increasing bondage elements until we saw some "furry" type bondage art. Now I have got no problem with any of that (ok, maybe the furry stuff), but its less than appropriate for a resume - even for a "cool" startup culture.

    Although good tips and pretty funny, isn't this all a bit unethical? Especially publishing those images, terrible as they are

    "I did not get the job at BIGPUB so I would like to work for you, get some experience and apply to BIGPUB again"

    Best logic? Best logic.

    "Oh yes, there was also the NVQ candidate who had a picture of her in her bra and knickers bent over the knee of an old man dressed as Father Christmas spanking her ass...Yes I did invite her for an interview".

    As well you should sir!


    You're a legend Mr Serrels.

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