The Xbox One Can Do A Lot More Than You Might Think

The Xbox One Can Do A Lot More Than You Might Think

Sure, the Xbox One has a few tricks up its sleeves — some of which we've told you about before. But, damn, had I known about some of the more advanced things the Xbox One is capable of, Microsoft would have sold me on the console way quicker.

Thankfully, Sean Ong takes the time to walk us through all sorts of advanced Xbox One tricks, like miracasting your Surface tablets, using wireless keyboards, using Spotify, playing HTML 5 games, setting up broadcast TV, and a number of other neat things, in the helpful video below. It's definitely worth a watch if you have an Xbox One:

If you're interested in learning more about Miracast — which is demoed at the start of the first video — then this video might be of interest:

And if you're curious about the over-the-air box in the initial video, you might wanna watch this:

Kind of a bummer that the Xbox One can't do some of these things without the help of extra gear, but still! With a bit of finagling, you can make the Xbox One do way more than it can on its own.

Xbox One Tips and Tricks : Microsoft Surface, Miracast, Antenna TV, and more [Sean Ong]


    can't help but feel this guys a little on the special side... the first video i stopped watching... he's just using the hdmi in on the xbox... big deal... he makes it out like its something amazing :\

      And dat lag on the GIF. Disgusting.

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        its already known there is some lag, which is one reason why people have said hooking up a game console to the xbox one's hdmi in isn't a great idea... that GIF just highlights it... quite badly...

          That is NOT hdmi lag. That is miracast lag shown here - it's audio/visual streaming over wifi essentially. The Xbox One hdmi lag is maybe 2% as bad as the Miracast lag.

    But does it game?

      Yo dawg, we heard you like games so we took them out so you can't game while you're not gaming.

        When did Kotaku AU turn into such an anti-xbox circlejerk?

    Can it play an MP3 off a USB stick like the 360 could?
    Can it play music in the background while I play a game the original Xbox could?
    Can it output 5.1 through an optical cable like the 360 could?
    Can it log me into an account by default like every other console in the past decade?

    Oh it can't? Well, until they get BASIC shit right i'm not going to get excited about this novelty stuff.

      Wait, it's got no 5.1 via optical???

        At the moment there is no 5.1 surround sound for the xbox1 its got the option shut at the moment they do not work its coming in an update

        Did not realise that. Errrmmm okay why?

          So it does have 5.1 if using a home theatre receiver. Majority of crisis averted. But still...


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            Must have run out of space in the device for an optical socket. These are the tough decisions you have to make when going for a small form factor.

              Small form factor? It's F'n HUGE!

              Anyway, it does have an optical socket, it just doesn't output in 5.1 (which is kinda the point of optical as far as i'm concerned).
              Apparently they're going to fix it one day, but it's a pretty standard (and important) feature so it's pretty shabby that it wasn't there from day one.

                Okay now I'm way confused, that makes even less sense than it simply not having one... :p

                yeah but at least it allows you to default to lpcm over hdmi for everything.
                the ps3 did but the 360 didnt.

              optical sockets are all licensed technology I found out one day. I had a toshiba tv with a toslink (toshiba tech) in it, the broadcast tv sound would not come out of it as the TV part of toshiba would have had to pay some other part of toshiba to access it. How fucking dumb is that?

        it does DTS which I assume is 5.1, I use to run optical from TV to receiver and everything on screen came out receiver (360, movies, freeview) now I have to go direct to Xbox to get 5.1 and its kinda annoying cos I only have 1 optical on receiver so no home theatre for movies, freeview etc, Im hoping the patch will fix that.

        I use an optical cable and I get 5.1

          Well you must have some kind of magical Xbone because it doesn't have the encoder for it.

            I don't know how it works. But I plugged in the optical cable and it works. I can hear when people are behind me in a game, I even get surround effects on blu rays. Maybe a wizard did it

              You've got a sound system which artificially does it.
              Read the quote from Astro in that link I posted. I've got the same thing, it's not proper 5.1.

                Huh, well, I was totally fooled. I've been able to hear things in front and behind and it's great. Whatever special sauce they've got faking it, it works good

      Its pretty strange, i am totally i love with my xbox one. But these issues.....i don't even know why they had to even think about it. Pretty standard stuff that's not new and so important.

        Yep, dumb sh*t like being able to play a custom soundtrack during a game ONLY if you’ve got the sidebar taking up a quarter of the screen is so amazingly stupid I can’t believe they didn’t fix it.

        The ability to play a custom soundtrack was billed as a huge feature for Project Gotham Racing when it launched with the original Xbox. Forza 5 comes out roughly 13 years later and the feature is 99% done but the 1% they got wrong completely ruins it ….. what can you do but shake your head?

          Sega GT 2002 for the original xbox had your ripped CDs available as in-car audio so it wasn't even playing through the dash but was like you just had the CD in the car with you. It's hard to believe that kind of thing is unusual nowdays, particularly for stuff like GTA where it'd be a bloody gem after getting sick of the rather drab radio offerings in GTAV

            GTA on the original xbox had a radio station that played songs you'd ripped to the HDD. It was awesome, even better than the 360s custom soundtrack option (which I used for about 6 months before never touching again)

          Haha yep, it really boggles the mind.

          Also, as if I'm going to pay another $120 a year for music that I already own! Just let me stream it from my dlna NAS server. Really not hard.

      Almost every audio receiver on the planet receives DTS as well as Dolby 5.1, even if it's not on the box. This is a non-issue unless you're using a cheap wireless headphone receiver.

    The Xbone is the worst $600 i ever spent. Their claims of making a 'perfect all around home entertainment system' is a complete lie. It cant even watch mkv files and you cant even navigate files on your computer using the Xbone alone. The 360 was MUCH better at being a media center than the Xbone.

    gize... hai gize.... gize... gize... did you know the xbox has HDMI IN.... wow articles are getting worse.

    I don't get it, this works without the xbox being present, just plug it into the tv?!?!?!?!?

    No. You cant simply plug the HDMI cable into your TV and the IN of the XB1 and then expect to watch FTA TV. ( FTA= Free To Air ) If you simply do that then its not going to work. If you want the XB1 to be the entertainer so to speak then you will need to at the least get a receiver to watch FTA via the XB1.Head on over to this link for confirmation. As you will find will need a STB for this. But YES for FTA, that WILL work without the XB1 or any receiver, everybody know that one.

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