There Really Is Nothing More Beautiful Than Cars Crashing In Slow-Mo

Here's a video game fact for you: crashing into virtual cars never gets old; from Destruction Derby on PlayStation to Burnout I've always loved smashing into cars. Next Car Game may not even have an actual title yet, but damn is smashing up cars into a pulp a beautiful experience. Which is made ever so more beautiful in slow motion.

There's nothing better than recklessly accelerating into poor unsuspecting AI drivers and imagining their pure terror as you watch their broken mess of a car spin out and flip over. If they were human they'd have surely died. But it's ok, they're just AI. They don't have feelings, at least not yet (it is an early access game after all).

Next Car Game is available now as early access on Steam and Bugbear Entertainment's own site. It's nowhere near finished with only a couple of playable cars and a few tracks, but seems promising so far. They've got the most important aspect right: the glorious smashing up of perfectly good cars.


    Crashing cars in slow mo in video games is fun. Women are beautiful.

    That voice-over makes me want to buy the game immediately.

      It was hard not to!! I am still resisting

    i saw this game on steam, and i thought it was cool, but that voice was the tipping point for me

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