These Are The 10 Most 90s Games Ever Made

I'm becoming a bit of a fan of John Robertson, who you might know as the disembodied head behind the interactive YouTube series 'The Dark Room'. He's started to do a lot more video games stuff, and that's a good thing. His latest is a top 10 look at the most 90s video games ever made, and it's quite the hoot.

It works more like a quite funny retrospective of the most influential 90s video games and it's well worth watching. Part one is above, part two is below. Have at it!


    "I'm a blue ball with ADD and I don't give a ....!"

    Oh that is mean! Hilarious but mean!.

    It's worth pointing out that Duke Nukem had 10 insult buttons (I think F1 through F10) that were all hilarious. So you could blow away and enemy and then say a cheesy line.

    I take issue with his mention of Lady Gaga - she was only born in 1986 for Christ's sake; her debut album didn't come out until 2008.

      Pretty sure he was saying that the 'Lady Gaga' of the 90s was Manson.....

        Could be, but it just seems a strange way to say it - "Lady Gaga was the anti-christ"...

      It was a joke, he showed an image of marilyn manson. See the thing is, the guy is a comedian so almost every comment he makes is some attempt at humour.

        Yeah. I understand. I just thought it was really confusing because to my knowledge Lady Gaga hasn't been called the anti-christ by anyone. Manson called himself the anti-christ. Apart from dressing up strangely, I'd say there was no relation between the two...

    (Dons nitpicking, jerk reader hat) Smash TV had an eyeball fly past the screen way before Rise Of The Triad.

    Ugh, i went to school with this guy and IRL he is quite the douche. He spent most of his 90s in drama class and preying on the girls several years younger, namely my ex, not playing computer games.

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    Man I loved that game.

    Anyway, it was nice of this guy to upload his failed Good Game audition tape to the internet.

    More like early-90s. Where's THPS? Most 90s game soundtrack ever.

    A favourite 90s game series of mine would definitely be Road Rash. The first two were damn cool.

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