Things Get Retro With An NES-Style Xbox One Controller

Things Get Retro With An NES-Style Xbox One Controller

There's something that's just incredibly classy about the NES controller — so it should be no surprise that its colour scheme meshes well with an Xbox One controller too. It goes well with everything!

This gorgeous paint job comes from Reddit user alechere, and it just further proves that the Xbox One controller would look great in a bunch of different colours. For now I'll have to settle for boring 'ol black though. Alas.

I painted an Xbox One controller - NES Style. [alechere]


    anything that would make the frigging dpad work better would be a plus in my book.
    Maybe if you repainted it as a Nintendo controller it would learn how a dpad should work...

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      uhhhh... are you sure you're referring to the Xbox One D-Pad? it works amazingly well. Especially compared to the Xbox 360.

        Yes I am, it is better than the 360 one (but so is a soggy potato) but still shit compared to my nintendo pad. It still registers left as left/up on an annoying amount of occasions.

          I get that problem on Nintendo's pads, especially the Gamecube as well as a couple of the handhelds.

          Honestly never had that issue. Maybe you should have your fingers checked? or the controller?

      D-pad is the best D-pad around between the PS4, Xbox One & Wii U. Leaps and bound better than the X360 and great even when compared to the dedicated market.

    Er... Doesnt kinda match the nes/famicom colour scheme:

    There's no light grey around the outside and its not a shimmery black...

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