Things Get Retro With An NES-Style Xbox One Controller


    anything that would make the frigging dpad work better would be a plus in my book.
    Maybe if you repainted it as a Nintendo controller it would learn how a dpad should work...

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      uhhhh... are you sure you're referring to the Xbox One D-Pad? it works amazingly well. Especially compared to the Xbox 360.

        Yes I am, it is better than the 360 one (but so is a soggy potato) but still shit compared to my nintendo pad. It still registers left as left/up on an annoying amount of occasions.

          I get that problem on Nintendo's pads, especially the Gamecube as well as a couple of the handhelds.

          Honestly never had that issue. Maybe you should have your fingers checked? or the controller?

      D-pad is the best D-pad around between the PS4, Xbox One & Wii U. Leaps and bound better than the X360 and great even when compared to the dedicated market.

    Er... Doesnt kinda match the nes/famicom colour scheme:

    There's no light grey around the outside and its not a shimmery black...

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