Things We Do In Games That Are Creepy As Hell In Real Life

Our friends at Buzzfeed made this funny video about the ridiculous things we do in games, and you should watch it.

Not that there's anything really wrong with sneaking around in a box and listening to your friends' conversations. It just sounds worse than it actually is. Right? Right?


    You're telling me hiring a hooker and then killing her for her money is creepy?

      Of course it is! If you were employed to kill her by someone else than that'd just be a perfectly respectable assassination but what you're talking about is a robbery you monster!

    I don't think that I'd admit to being friends with Buzzfeed.

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    Playing the Zelda Ocarina, Badly maybe. Playing an Ocarina while not cool as other more popular instruments isn't creepy.

    I bought @gutsoup an ocarina as a present and he played it all the time.
    Neither me, his gf or any of our other friends found it creepy.

    Also, that escort mission one would have been actually funny if they went the Ico route and had him dragging a woman around roughly.

      Own one myself, can play an assortment of tunes by ear practicing every now and then. Also
      Creepy or amazing?

    "What are you doing in my house?"


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