Think Of The Most Horrible Chip Flavours Imaginable

Think Of The Most Horrible Chip Flavours Imaginable

Last year Lay’s “Do Us A Flavour” contest awarded the wrong person a million dollars for suggesting potato chips that tasted vaguely like garlic bread. Now the contest returns, and we have a chance for redemption.

Flavour showdowns. Wayne Brady singing about potato chip flavours. And most important, a place where your bizarre tastes can shine on the front of simulated bags of potato chips. Choose your weapons, America, but choose wisely — if some BBQ bullshit or a sour cream and onion variant takes this year’s prize, there will be hell to pay.


  • What the hell is that chip brand? Is it like Smiths? Do they even look at what they copy from the US site?

    • Lays, you can find them in most supermarkets but they’ve kind of died down nowadays what with red rock deli and the rest.

      • They’re the chip manufacturing side of Pepsi Co. After acquiring Smiths they rebranded all their regular chips to have the more familliar Aussie name and did away with Lays branding. They also make Cheetos, Burger Rings, Grainwaves, Doritos and Red Rock Deli.

        In the UK they go by “Walkers”.

        In New Zealand they are “Bluebird”.

        I know WAY too much about chips.

        • Yeah, it is funny how they do that. I went to NZ and their Woolworths was called Countdown. Same logo and all. I understand the larger companies owning the whole range of brands, CocaCola probably owns the most known, but it seems pretty stupid to have nation specific brand names.

  • China has cucumber flavoured Pringles… they are vile

    China also has Char Xui flavoured chips (BBQ Pork HK Style) – they are the fucking tits

    • I don’t even like cucumber flavoured cucumber, so I can only imagine how vomit inducing cucumber chips would be. D:

      I wouldn’t mind trying the char xui flavoured chips though.

      • I thinking that, if you love eating HK Style BBQ Pork, then you would LOVE these chips

        and you get an awesome smell baked onto your fingers as you eat which lingers for hours!

    • Holy crap! How did I miss char siu chips?!?! I lived in China for 2 years and only saw the cucumber ones (wisely didn’t try them).

      • I have a picture of the packet – its Lay’s branded and I think fairly new as it was the first time I’d seen it

        How can I post a picture here for you guys to see the packet and salivate?

  • Did the sriracha chips ever make it to Australia? They sounded kind of amazing.

    If you wanted something a bit left field, I dare say a tapenade potato chip might be pretty decent if they nailed the flavouring. Tell me the thought of an olive, anchovy and caper berry potato chip doesn’t get your moth watering.

  • Oddly enough I quite liked the Buttered Popcorn flavoured chips when they did that contest a while back..

    Two of my favourite salty junk food fused into one! xD

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