Third Party Partners For Valve's Steam Machines Unveiled

Valve's Steam Machine is supported by first party box (and a crazy looking controller) but Valve has also been clear on the idea that third parties would be able to also create their own 'Steam Machines'. Now Engadget has revealed a number of approved third parties involved in creating Steam Machines.

Among the third parties are Alienware, Falcon Northwest, iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, Origin PC, Gigabyte,, Webhallen, Alternate, Next, Zotac and Scan Computers.

According to Engadget, a full list of approved third parties will be revealed during CES at its press conference.

As someone who recently retired their desktop computer, the idea of a Steam Box is incredibly appealing. I don't have space in my apartment for a Desktop. It's either a new PC or um... my one year old child. The idea of a small, unobtrosive box sitting next to my consoles is extremely appealing at this point. Can't wait to see more on this. Looks like this year's CES is actually going to yield proper game news this week!

Here are Valve's 12 Steam Machines partners (so far) [Engadget]


    Serrels, small unobtrusive PCs have been available for ages. You can probably even buy a pre-built one from your local PC store.

    I really want one, but as someone who already does all of his gaming at my PC (I use a PC monitor for PC games along with a 360 controller atm and I also have my 360 and my xbone running through the same monitor and headphones) I just have no need. :(

    Hopefully they have the option to buy that controller stand alone with a wireless receiver or something so those with PC's can also have one (sort of) via big picture. I assume they will.

      Pretty sure they did say they'd sell the controllers individually too. This from the FAQ also kind of backs that up:

      Can I use a controller if I don’t have a Steam machine?
      Yes. It’ll work very well with any version of Steam.

      Did you just mention "need" in the same sentence as PC, 360 and xbone?? Surely need disappeared long ago being replaced with "I just want one....."

    I know Origin is a PC company not related to EA but I still had a chuckle when i found they are on the list

      They were also around before EA's version, if I remember correctly...

    So the Alienware steam machines are going to be price to performance the worse. Im interested in seeing the Gigabyte ones though.

    I wish I had money

    (oh wait, wrong forum) :P

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