I'd Be Hyped For A Game With An Early '90s Feel Like This Artwork

This amazing, detailed artwork made by illustrator Chester Ocampo keeps reminding me how hyped I'd be for a game with a similar art style. Something with a bit of that early '90s Ghost in the Shell touch, with a protagonist similar to Major Kusanagi or even Konoko from Bungie's 2001 Oni.

Also, are those heels actually magazines? If so, that's a creative way of hiding them.

Papillon Kotetsu [Chester Ocampo, DeviantART]


    Well, Bayonetta did do the heels = new magazines/clips thing already, and that probably wasn't new then.

    That aside, nice look. Very Kusanagi...but with less flesh.

    Oni 2 Confirmed!

    Last edited 29/01/14 8:44 am

    Odd query... What is she shooting at?
    And has she jumped down from a building... or up from a roof?

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