This Australian Art Might Look Like Pixel Art, But It Isn't...

Incredibly, it's actually art created in needlepoint. It's art in made in real life, using needlework, that sort of looks like a digital recreation of something from real life. Brilliant.

To me it feels like the kind of art you might see in a Lucasarts adventure game made using the SCUMM engine. It has those hallmarks: attention to detail, cool composition. I love these.

It's all the work of Australian Michelle Hamer, and artist with no formal textile training. Incredible that she's able to put this all together. You can find out more about her work on her website.

And if you're interested you can check out videos of the works as they progress, pretty fascinating.

Via The Atlantic


    My mother used to have "The Last Supper" done in this manner up on the wall. Mr Jesus and his disciples looked terrifying!

    I think they call that Cross-stitching. I used to work at Spotlight and it seemed to be popular.

      I think this is needlepoint, actually, but I'd need to check with my mum, she knows all about this stuff.

      I think cross-stitch is a particular type of needlepoint (ie. one type of stitch among many). Without being able to see the individual stitches, it's hard to say what it is.

        Correct, and those are not cross-stitch, cross-stitch uses a thinner thread and results in quite obvious crossing, these are the tapestry equivalent of a paint by numbers, using thicker wool and all the stitches run the same direction,

      Needlepoint. Cross-stitch has distinctive, well, cross stitches. =p

    Come to Kotaku, end up seeing a debate over needlepoint vs. cross-stitch.

    I love you guys all so much right now....

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