This Gentleman Is Upset He Was Not Invited To Titanfall’s Alpha (NSFW)

What happens when you don’t get a beta alpha key for Titanfall? Well, you pack a lipper, grab the camera and go to YouTube to sound your barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. (Audio definitely NSFW. Use headphones.)

In the grand tradition of Mr. Bitch-Eat-That-Ho from Street Fighter comes this customer service complaint to Respawn, Xbox, and just about anyone who will listen. This guy is a fuckin’ loyal fuckin’ EA customer and he’s fuckin’ pissed that he didn’t get fuckin’ picked for the fuckin’ Titanfall beta alpha underway fuckin’ now. After disposing of that complaint, he launches into a jeremiad against Battlefield 4 and its manifold woes. He’s so distraught he may just quit gaming altogether. *spits*

This video comes off as kind of a redneck Unforgivable, without the cracking up and the re-takes — though I swear there are a couple of points where I think he’s gonna lose it. Game Junky’s [sic] has been on YouTube about a year, and now he has his first big hit. Methinks he’s the next prize hire for a multi-channel network. Rage on, Game Junky’s.

[h/t Jim Sterling]


    • The most annoying thing: All his dummy spitting got him an alpha code.

      “Thanks to all who watched, liked, disliked, commented and subbed. Thanks to you guys I got my beta key!! Happy gaming.”

  • There is a great piss take of this by Jim Sterling.

    This also demonstrates probably the biggest problem in the industry today. “I got COD, BF4 and Forza even though I dont like racing games because there isnt anything to play on this yet” Meaning he spent $850AU on something he didnt really want yet and now hes complaining. FFS…..

    cue dueling banjos

    • I know right? It is kinda cool in it’s own right though. “Ya knows Im pissed when I gots my chewin baccy”

  • Good! Many people today view a beta as merely early access and even base the full game on it. Very few actually test the game and abuse broken mechanics or weapons, who then complain when they are fixed in the full version by people who actually know what a beta is.

    • Entitled PC gamers upset about not getting games like Titanfall and Destiny? Well if the videos don’t already exist the sentiment in text form certainly does

        • No you are right, Titanfall was announced not long back. But as it stands Destiny has no PC port in the books right now. (Though different sites seem to take the no port quote as a yes, no or maybe)

  • I’m in it and its an awesome game, good mix and balance with weapon and game play….just unlocked the ability to make custom load outs for your pilot and im assuming you can have the custom load outs for mechs too im rank 5 out if 10 and so far its been unlocking something every rank.

  • I love how he says “a game comes out and I can’t even play it”. Not only is it not “out” but he is probably the sort of person they don’t want feedback from anyway. Fuckin tool.

  • This just made me lol so much at him, everyone enjoys a crazy person ranting online, why dont you go play COD and rage there as well 😛
    just too funny

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