This Is An, Um... Amazing Minecraft Cardboard Box Head

Isn't it crazy that we're at that point with Minecraft. That it's so popular that companies will toss out any old crap using the Minecraft brand and someone will sure as hell buy that thing. Everyone, brace yourself. This is the amazing Minecraft Cardboard Head.

It's a Minecraft head. It's made of carboard. It's amazing.

And for some reason it's being marketed in that weird, 'oh this is a toy you'd buy from the back of a comic in the 50s' way. What the hell? This is so bizarre.

If you've ever felt like paying a bunch of money for a cardboard box this is finally your chance.

Via Reddit


    I'd buy it for $2. Not $12.

      But it's made of 100% cardboard! Only the most talented of Boxsmiths can achieve that success rate.

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    My son and his friends went to there school dress up day as minecraft people........easiest costume ever. I just painted a few boxes and put them on their head, then I cut out a few pick axes for them and they were done.

    They may not have won the best costume prize but apparently they had a blast running around the school mining stuff.

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    This is nothing New...

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