This Is Star Wars: Assault Team Coming Soon

This is Star Wars: Assault Team, coming sometime in the second quarter of 2014 to Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices. What is it? Not a clue.

All we've got is this image from the official Star Wars Twitter. I'm thinking free-to-play collectible card game. As long as it's better than Star Wars: Force Collection I'm game.


    Would be sweet if it was similar to hearthstone, that game is crazy addictive!

    Dammit! When I read "Assault Team" I was hoping for a sequel / spiritual successor to Republic Commando.

      Ergergherd! i loved republic commando. Sure wasn't the best game but the squad play was solid and so was the controls. Also made them look badass. This game on the other hand? looks shit

    Im pretty sure that even after his horrible accident, mark hamill didn't look at all disfigured like that

      Looks more like he had a bastard lovechild with Jean-Claude Van Damme to me.

    Looks like it was made with Collectable Card Game Creator 2014

      There's a flood of them being released at the moment eh?

    XCOM cross Star Wars would have been amazing but such is life.

      That's what I thought at first. That would be sweet.

    Oh why Disney must you release mediocre SW mobile games; why can't you save your many monies and develop a AAA game.

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