This Is The Debut Trailer For Etherium

This is the debut trailer for Etherium, an upcoming real-time strategy game for PC. It comes from the developer behind Stellar Impact, and puts you in control of one of three factions, which you lead on a conquest for control of the seven planets' etherium reserves — this game's analogue for Dune's spice. Looks fun!


    Looks good, though to be a bit critical, I can only wonder what it can offer to the RTS market in this era of games like Planetary Annihilation.

    Makes me think a lot of supreme commander.

    Damn Ive been itching for a new RTS. I think Im done with SC2 until the final installment comes out

    A game like this would be amazing if it had dynamic sand simulation. Like having vehicles and weather elements affect the lay of the land, sand dunes could cut off vision and be used for ambushes and stuff.

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