This Is The First We've Heard From Drive Club In A While...

Since it missed the PlayStation 4 launch, we haven't heard from Drive Club for a while. The above video is the closest thing we've had to a sneak peek at where the game is heading. And this isn't even a trailer — it's actually a leaked internal video created for branding purposes! Regardless, there is a lot of new footage here and it looks great.

And in a weird way I sort of enjoyed watching it for an insight into how developers make sure everyone is on the same page with stuff we take for granted, like what fonts to use, making sure everyone is on message! It's a unique insight into that world.

Also — Drive Club looks cool. The video has a section that explains all the different techniques used to give Drive Club its visual look and feel. Very interesting indeed.

Driveclub Video Explains the Secrets of the PS4 Exclusive’s Spectacular Visual Effects and More [Dual Shockers]


    That actually was interesting to see what thoughts go into something as (seemingly) simple as a 2-3 minutes promo video. What filters to put the game through, what camera angles. It's cool to see that they take an approach pretty much like film makers do in post-production.

    Also, it looks like they're making good progress with the game as well, but as with any racing game, it's the gameplay that counts.

    I love the fact that "Hyper-Realism" is the new way of making Racing Games and Driving Simulators and Drive Club does not look to disappoint. Its really interesting to see how this is being made and the fact that a game can be made so 'perfect' that now with the level of technology that we have. Developers must add back in the imperfections involved with cameras/filming racing IRL so that the game doesnt come across as perfect.

    Im looking forward to this game more than most others for next gen (if it ever comes out)

    It looks amazing, I just hope it drives well.

    After selling my Xbox 360, I haven't found any driving games that come close to the forza series with all assists off.

    GT has never done it for me. maybe the controller has a lot to do with that.

      GT with a wheel and assist off is a sudden shock of WOW. Makes me wonder if they neglect controllers.

    Forza 5 looks better to me.

      The fanboyism is strong with this one.. The visuals are obviously way better than Forza. The game might not be (hopefully it is) but the visuals from what we've seen so far blow it away,

    I'm actually more excited about drive club now. I like the approach of using cinematic techniques in game to make it more visceral.

    It's odd to see Sony advertising this on TV when we dont have a concrete release date. Do we?

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