This Week In Games: Yes, Games Are Still Being Released!

Think there aren't any games coming out because it's the first week of January? Think again buster. Steam exists. And it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, something is coming out on Steam. ALWAYS.


What is it? A nifty, well fancied RPG. A bit like a stylised Mass Effect would be the lazy comparison, and I'm being lazy. Should you care? I like the premise: its the first of three games, big smart sci-fi undertaking. Might be awesome.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (PC)

What is it? It's that console game, but NOW ON PC! Should you care? It's pretty cheap, it's also pretty good (in my opinion). You could do a lot worse.

Secrets of Rætikon (PC)

What is it? This is on early access, but it looks great. Really gorgeous looking game. It's sort of an 2D exploration focused thing, with puzzles. Should you care? I hadn't heard of this until just this second. I'm now extremely intrigued.

Turbo Dismount (PC)

What is it? A big damage/collision sim. Imagine a full game based on Burnout's crash mini-game thing. Should you care? Probably just works as a fun little diversion.

Buying anything? Or is it a 'going through the pile of shame' month for you?


    I hear we should be getting Don't Starve on the PS4 this week too. (I believe it's free on PS+ )

    I was recommended a Greenlit RPG called Driftmoon ( I personally haven't played it but I bought it for 50c at

    I was reluctant to pick up MG Rising because I'm afraid of a poorly done PC port.

      Surely a PC can play a movie...

        Yeah, I'm just afraid the PC port will be shot on a handheld, I'll hear people eating popcorn throughout, and see them getting up in front of the screen to go to the toilet.

          The best part of movies as a kid was when someone would get up and walk across the screen. But hey I got movies before Australians and Kiwis did, so take that?

    Got the 24GB of Revengeance preloaded and ready to go. I'm going to really enjoy going through it again with a smoother frame rate.

    Pile of shame grinding I think. It'll be hindered by new PS4 and GTA Online, that's for sure. And work, and life, and gf.


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