Those Halo Movie Rumours Just Won't Go Away...

Every time a new Halo rumour is born, Jesus um... Superman punches a unicorn in the testicles. Therefore this latest rumour must be taken with a pinch of the proverbial salt. According to a post by Production Weekly, which was promptly deleted, there is a Halo project in the works being put together by Ridley Scott as producer.

Production Weekly is a website aimed at folks in the movie industry and apparently hires professional researchers in an attempt to compile the most comprehensive list of movies currently in production. This lends credence to the rumours but not to the point where I'd put my mortgage on them being accurate.

And it's all a bit jumbled because, as we know, there is a Halo TV series in production. But what's interesting is that this project and the TV project were listed as separate thing before one was quickly deleted. Paul Scheuring, one of the main writers for Prison Break, is said to be involved.

You can find out more at SciFied, where this rumour currently caught fire. At this stage I'm not ready to declare the project up and running but there is a part of me that would still like to see a Halo movie if one were ever made.

Untitled Feature Length 'Halo' Project to be Produced by Ridley Scott? [Scified]


    Sequel? To the Halo 4 short movie maybe in prep for the hype train for Halo 5?

      No, a sequel to Spartan Ops, with Palmer as the main character. Because dammit! 343i will make you love her as much as Johnson!

    Halo movie? That's what forward unto dawn pretty much is. String all the episodes together and there you go, a Halo movie. Mind you, I would really like a sequel to that.

      I'm picking that the feature length movie is going to be cut up into episodes and then released as a DVD like Forward Unto Dawn was. It'll be an intro to Halo 5 like Forward Unto Dawn was as well.

      The series will be separate and hopefully picked up by HBO and not AMC.

        If they made money off it, why not?

        Totally agree with HBO thing.

          I'm totally ok with it. It wasn't meant to sound negative. Forward Unto Dawn was really pretty good.

    I was excited about these Halo movie rumours about 3 years ago when Neil Blomkamp was still attached to it. Now, the Halo franchise has been running on fumes. 4 was just piling on layers of ridiculous space mythology on a bullet point character like Master Chief, while Spartan Assault was a flaming turd. With Bungie seemingly moving onto greener pastures with Destiny, Halo just isn't what it used to be and the inevitable movie has missed its window.

      District 9 and Elysium are the fruits of that labour. Both pretty good and look very much like Halo.

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