Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaks

Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaks

There's a closed alpha of Titanfall going on. It's closed, which means people aren't supposed to be uploading video of it, but you know, the internet.

We've got two videos below, one directly-captured, the other taken off-screen. Both give a pretty good idea of how a standard round plays out.

Players drop onto the map, then run around shooting bad guys. So far, so Call of Duty. But then you notice the changes. There's loads of AI-controlled opponents out there. You can do fancy jumps to get you across gaps in the map.

And then, in both clips, a Titan gets dropped. And things get crazy.

The first clip below is the better one. Start at the 0:40 mark. Titanfall Multiplayer Footage [Blip]

TitanFall Closed Alpha Gameplay [Off-Screen] [xJumPeRJumPzZ]


    Ok been playing the game since friday night and its good, perfect mix of Ai and human integration.....BF and Cod better be taking notes.

    The pilots feel like they're Hero's in a battlefield war, with the grunts being easier to kill and with cool deployment animation like drop pods etc really exhilarating the way the battle revolves even before any titans enter the equation.

    The titans aren't that powerful if the enemy know what they are doing and can spend very little time in play being destroyed as quick as they deploy.

    I mainly use an artillery config on auto pilot away from tall building and use him as bait to take down hunters and other mechs that go after him

      So, they've improved CoDs design of making everybody feel like they're important? :P

        I'd say it feels more like BF, but yeah that's exactly how it feels....and its a good thing, the grunts also occasionally have kewl animations like dragging back wounded, jumping on communication consoles and manning AA guns....feels more like a real battle is happening around you.

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        Jeepers...you take every opportunity to kick the shit outta CoD!!

          Meh, I don't do it that often. When I do it's usually attacking Infinity Ward.

            this comment deserves a meme pic

              "I don't usually insult the CoD franchise.

              But when I do it's the games made by Infinity Ward".


      Is there a purely Player Vs AI mode? I dunno how much I love the idea of versing people online all the time, I like to mess around with bots too. Cheers

    The grunts drop in squads of four, I think they may all have different equipment but I only really taken notice of the one with rockets as he has a large backpack and can damage the titans.....so I always target him first.


    Jokes aside I can't wait. For those who ordered the CE from the Titanfall store, you'll be charged the remaining ~$300 (and presumably have the collectible stuff shipped) between 1st and 14th of February.


      That is interesting, the game isn't out till march. why would they be shipping the CE (with the game) 1 month early?

      Read it and its talking about payment ONLY, not a single mention of shipping so you can assume they will start sending them out 1 day prior to release like most retailers.

      But I bought mine from Amazon so i have to wait a bit longer after release anyway, even with express delivery its a huge saving over getting from EB.($100 + depending on shipping and exchange rates when payment is made). Snagged the Controller from JBHIFI for $60 too since I had a free egift card left over from their Christmas mastercard promotion.

      So pumped for this game, even if its only half as good as I'm expecting it to be I won't be disappointed.

        Don't you get super high delivery prices when buying games via Amazon. Whenever i've checked the cost of delivery is around $18 for a game.

          Yeah delivery is usually pretty high. But the statue is $250 US compared with $400 Aus, add in $18-36 US for normal/express shipping and you still save a huge amount.

          For regular games though yes the added cost of shipping usually makes it a more expensive choice than other import options. But it really does vary on a game by game basis. It's why i have a list of 10 odd sites for imports all useful under different circumstances like region restrictions, handheld vs console etc.

            aaaand the next time i need to buy something ill be pming you

              Haha, I ALWAYS get the cheapest price on my gaming goods :P

              Just recently I used the JBHFI master card promotion. Bough 2 x$100 gift cards which gave me 2x $30 e gift cards. Then went and bought the 4GB 360 E console for $200 inc shipping and a 320GB HDD for $71.

              Sold the 1 month XBL code and the free game from the HDD, got $100 cashback from microsoft for the console (For buying it between boxing day and new years i think). So in the end i got a brand new 320Gb 360 console for $86. Have enough controllers too so i can sell the one that came with it for at least another 20-30 if i feel the need to save even more.

              True Oz bargainer right here xD

                Bah, I got the 360e console for $49 over the break, and the 320GB drive for $19.
                Now *that* was a bargain!

                On another note, you guys are paying $400 for a game?? I could get the game and an oculus rift for that money ;^)

                  Oh that is a very nice price.

                  In regards to $400 game, I have enough money to buy what i want. I wanted the statue but couldn't justify the cost (on a personal level that is). However I got cash as present and since I have enough for most normal things already I like to use it any cash "gifts" for things I wouldn't normally get (or couldn't justify buy at XX price with my own money).

                  This time it happened to be the Titanfall statue, last year it was a a few PC upgrades, that kind of thing.

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                yes but you bought a console tho....

                  Worth it just to run netflix :P

      The $400 price tag in Aus was pure price gouging, Australia tax, let's-see-if-people-will-pay-that-price bullshit. Anyone who bought it is getting ripped or they're blindly assuming it's worth the price. If I was gonna get it I'd pay the $250 on Amazon. That statue is not worth $300+ AUS

        It's half a metre tall. The statue cost a LOT of money to make.

          They're not that expensive to make cause they're selling for $200 in the States. The mark up people are willing to pay in Australia is 100% pure Straya tax. And since it's limited stock they know they can over inflate the price a ridiculous amount cause they'll sell every unit. It's despicable. But hey, people will buy it without question. If you're going to spend $400 on a game you've never played, hey, say no more.

          It's a great statue, there's no denying that. But if you're into collecting statues you can make $300+ go a lot further than that.

          Last edited 20/01/14 1:09 pm

            ...I bought an Arthas Statue for 420 bucks at AUS PAX >:

            Online it would have cost me 400, but if you saw the box it was contained in then you wouldn't be surprised to know that with shipping it would have been 570.

              There were some really killer statues at PAX, the Mortal Kombat ones in particular made me drool. I ended up taking home a GOW retro lancer for $70ish. Getting that on the plane was fun

                I got a Jade statue early last year. Can't remember the price, but I had to order online.

                I got a Retro Lancer at Supanova in the same venue last year. I got it a little cheaper since it was the last one, and someone tore the edge of the cardboard it was in.

                  The ones at PAX started expensive and got cheaper over the event. I was stoked to get it cause it was plain coloured; he gold or yellow/checkered ones weren't my style. I really like the Sub Zero bust at Pax, epic. But my wife would have killed me if I bought it.

                It's that way for all conventions. The reason is because they don't want to lug all their stuff back. On the last day in the last couple of hours, merchandise can drop by half to sell now rather then to not-sell back home.

                and really, I think in the history of forever there are husbands who have bought more expensive, useless stuff that didn't get them killed :P

            Well considering the cheapest price you can get a next gen game imported is around $70 give or take, with teh cheapest shipping a month or so ago it was $290 AUD. So $220 for the statue isn't bad when you consider its behemoth size.

            Though i'm a little worried about the exchange rate atm, AUD is falling and eating into my saving. But yes you are right every single person who bought it from EB for $400 + mandatory shipping (online only) was muppet and are the reason we have the Straya tax in the first place. More money than sense or just plain old rich.

              Hey, if $400 is spare change to people good on em I say. I just feel sorry for people who think it's actually worth 400 of their hard earned dollars cause someone slapped that price on it.

              I think it's also a problem with the whole special edition culture as a whole. Once something comes bundled with a game people go weak at the knees. Say for example, a game came out with no special edition and someone walks into EB games to buy it, slaps down $80-ish dollars and the salesperson points to a separate stand and says 'would you like to grab a $50 statue and a $15 art book with that?' The customer at worst be offended, or at least annoyed at the up-sell. I mean, they're there for the game, not toys right? But when a publisher bundles it together with the game, people's wallets start opening on their own.

              No offence to anyone who genuinely likes collectable statues and art books, more power to ya. But I really believe that if the special edition stuff was all sold separately and individually on a shelf right next to the game, a lot of special edition purchasers probably wouldn't look twice at the stuff. I think they buy it cause the marketing tells them it's the most 'complete' and 'proper' edition and people don't want to feel like they're missing out on something, people don't want to feel like they're getting the second rate, commoner, no-a-real-fan edition.

                I'm a huge fan of the Halo series! So I bought the Limited Edition of Halo 4 to prove it!!!


                  Haha. You lose. Actually, I bought the LE too, haha. But I didn't hate the game as much as you, I was extremely disappointed with it, but nowhere near the level with which you vehemently despised it.

                Vehemently is such a strong word.

                Especially when I went into the game with low expectations.

                No I absolutely agree, I purchased a few special editions here and there and ever since I gave up. It was always useless art books and junk that fell apart or gathered dust.

                However I do like a few things here and there and wanted to collect some nice gaming statues for when i move places. Got given the AC4 one (was super cheap and so poorly built sadly >.<) and if you read above my reasons for getting this Titanfall one are similar.

                Though Yes I do agree it's probably not worth $400 ( or technically the $330 + imported game at $70 ). Though I think $220 for its sheer size isn't so bad, but that also depends on the quality once it arrives. It could be flawless work and well worth it or it could be just as dodgey as the AC 4 one in which case i'll probably never buy another one again.

                This whole collectors stuff has also annoyed me for the in game exclusive nonsense as well, the special 60 minute XX bonus map or starter armour. With 5 different versions (like Watchdogs scum bag stuff) Each version gives only 1/5 possible bonus missions and some are store or even country exclusive, this all goes doubly for pre orders too (stopped doing that completely outside a console type launch). Titan fall Doesn't have any of that which made it easier to order.

                  Ugh, retailer exclusive in game swag, it's the worst. I get collectors editions here and there if it's stuff I like. I wish AC3 came with the Connor statue where he's in a tree with bow and arrow cause I would have got that. My favourite special edition loot is the septum coin replica from oblivion. It's just like the one in the game, I love it.

                  I think people just fail to ask the question "do I really want this, would I buy it if it didn't come with the game?"

      They reduced the textures in the Alpha to allow for a smaller download. So the final game will be more texture rich. You may want to check your facts, just saying.

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        I'm connecting to the west cost us server and its very playabe, and this may not be saying much but it already looks better than COD imo

          Yes I got to play it at the EBexpo and it was fun. I am really looking forward to the game. If it is playable with west coast servers I am hoping that whatever Microsoft put in place for us run smoothly.
          I spoke to Abbie Heppe at EBexpo and she told us the Australian's on the Dev team told them to take care of the Aussies otherwise they would hear it from us. Problem is the cloud environment is run by Microsoft not Respawn (who will probably cop the flack for network issue) so if doesn't run smoothly the game will become a ghost town very quickly.

            Microsoft have an Azure server (Azure is the backbone of the Xbox cloud in addition to their business computing) located in Melbourne, so I think it may be alright...

    So you dont die when your Titan blows up? Making you effectively, invincible?

      If you have the titan perk auto eject you don't.....otherwise you have to mash X to eject, very difficult to judge when you need to eject so I highly recommend that perk.

      if you don't eject you die.

      Last edited 20/01/14 10:25 am

        Ahh cool, thanks, thinking of picking up an Xbone to play this.

          ITs going to be the new Gears of war IMO, bring a whole new type of gameplay that then dominates the entire generation as everyone tries to mimic it, that and it will be amazingly fun.

          It really is the single reason I bought my XB1 at launch instead of waiting.

            I thought it was going to be the new CoD.

              Cod has been shit since the first modern warefare and cod type games have been around for decades. Gears of war was the Microsoft exclusive hit that made every new game have cover based shooting. Cod hasn't really influenced anything except literal copies that try to replicate its success.

              So comparing it to COD in doesn't work. Cod never did anything new, it didn't bring anything to the table, it just refined the FPS combat within its games. But in terms of actual features cod hasn't done anything innovative and it is also cross platform.

              So Titanfall is the new gears of war because now every shooting game is going to be all "we need mech's or giant suits of armours" " we need jet packs or advanced movement capabilities like wall running" and the fact that it is going to be a monster success that is exclusive for Microsoft (at least the first game is, 2nd might not be) makes it a direct comparison to the success of Gears of War.

              Last edited 20/01/14 12:57 pm

                Gears of War didn't really make so many clones. If anything it just made certain tropes more obvious (like chest high walls).

                Call of Duty on the other hand has had so much influence to the point that it's all EA has ever wanted out of their games in the last 5 years.

                  I'm struggling to think of a game that even came close to nailing any of Gears of War's finer points. A lot of games introduced cover mechanics but they didn't even seem to try and use it the way Gears did. Not like Call of Duty's easier to copy stuff that became staples of the multiplayer centric FPS genre. Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2 didn't invent much but they sure convinced the generation it was the way to do things.

          Worth it in my opinion, better then Cod and BF.....and very easy to come to grips with as it uses standard cod layout to play.....wall running and jumping I'm still getting used too, but pulled of a few awesome moves....like jumping of a roof on to a lamp post then another roof, then the next four times I totally miss judge and have to take the stairs lol

            Yep, both the big hitters in FPS have been very disappointing imo.

    Battlefield 2142 held up a lot better than I remember.

    A dev has said the textures are 25% of what they will be in the final game

    My fav new feature so far is game play one, after a team wins the losing team has to get to an extraction point to be picked up, everyone gets one life and its a fun ending to every game as ppl die they watch the antics of others.

    there's an extra 400 points per player extracted or a bonus if none escape, you can even blow up the shuttle but its hard as its a short window to do so.

      Does the game come up with a HUD element which says "get to da choppa!" or do I just have to imagine it? :-)

      Yeah I thought that bit looked awesome on the first video's ending. I was hoping to see one person escape, but they all died.

      Did you get to try many of the human weapons? You have a preference for shotguns/mid range rifles or anything in particular? Is there any sweet melee takedown moves you can do person-person?

        The weapons are a standard affair with the exception of the smart gun.

        at the moment I'm going through the challenges to unlock attachments but nothing new.

        smg is less powerful than carbine and shotty kind of a useless weapon imo attachments are iron sights or hcog it does have something called scatterfire but haven't unlocked it yet???? Why they made it a primary weapon slot is beyond me.

        Last edited 20/01/14 1:25 pm

          Have you gotten to try out multiple maps? How do you think they fare?

            I've tried bothmaps from both sides and with both game types.

            both seem to have the battles in central positions but kinda found somei interesting structures on the outskirts but pointless as they are empty.

            the game types are attrition - 1 point for AI and 4 points for pilots.

            other game type is territory with 3 fixed locations, the same every time

    this looks really good....

    There's two variety of AI militia / grunts....which look human and there's Vector / Spector robotic troops, not sure if there's any difference. Maybe the emp may make a difference? But they come in partway through the game.

      Ok I can confirm the Spectors and Vectors are harder to kill with an SMG than standard grunts....Hating the smg to hard vs other gun types I only managed to best a sniper at close quarters so far with it....gonna be hard to get the scatterfire mod when the challenge is to kill 25 pilots :|

      Last edited 20/01/14 2:01 pm

        Have you done much sniping? Is quickscoping a thing?!

          So far I've been looking through the scope taking out groups of stationary grunts fighting in cover, most pilots are all over the place and I've only unlocked a x6 scope, I'm hoping to try it with the other scopes that should work better with quick scoping I would imagine.

            Nice one. Thanks for answering all my q's. :P

            Can't wait.

              After a few rounds with the sniper and a couple of scopes I can confirm quick scopes and no scopes are ineffective.

              I have been having a blast with a suppressor and AOG scope on the sniper great close medium range.

                Yep, it's that sort of game.

                If you're a Battlefield 5n1pZ0r, don't expect to come into Titanfall and be a hero.

                You'll just get your nuts force fed to you.

    Looks pretty neat, may end up getting for PC sometime down the line. Will wait a little after reviews to see how it's going down first though.

    I was thinking of an Xbone for this, but I think I will just get it on PC. Looks good so far.

    I think this game is lame. Adding AI just gives the player a false sense of superiority. The battle is to controlled rather then given complete freedom if it was only player based like Battlefield.

    BTW, how many of you guys pony up the extra cash for 'collectors editions' of games?
    I had no idea you could spend $400 on a game.

      ther was only 400 in aus then they got another 300 (all at EB). Though EB prices were a rip off $400 vs the $250 USD.

      It's sold out now so at least 700 aussie's forked out :P

      But who know's if they really don't make any more i might hawk it on Ebay if it looks less than stellar quality when i open it.

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