Titanfall Will Have A Beta On Both Xbox One And PC

Titanfall is going to have a beta on both Xbox One and PC. Bet you never saw that coming.


    Oh really well done there... *shakes head in disappointment*

    It already started on XB1 so, yes, I think I did see a beta coming...

    Sub 20 words, solid effort...

    Shorter than the tweet it references... I'm all for brevity but shit...

    Fire this man already, I could train a monkey to fart better articles in Morse code.

    Last edited 29/01/14 9:35 am

    Any more details? Like when and is it a open beta? I'm lazier than the author of this article and cant be bothered clicking on the link.

    I'm not going to call for Mr Plunkett to be fired, but he does need to improve on his articles. Perhaps the only way for readers to send a message is to not click on any of his articles.

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