Titanfall's Custom Controller Is Ready For Drop In March

Titanfall's Custom Controller is Ready for Drop in March

A limited edition Titanfall Xbox One controller (that's it, pictured) will be available at the game's launch this March, Microsoft said this morning. It will cost $US64.99.

The design is meant to evoke "a piece of military spec hardware transported from the universe of Titanfall," said the lead artist for Respawn Entertainment, makers of the game. The look here is inspired by the "C-101 carbine," a weapon carried by the pilots of the giant titan mechs.

Both the game and the controller launch March 11 in North America. Here's the box for the controller:

Titanfall's Custom Controller is Ready for Drop in March


    Looks fantastic. Need a third controller, this is going to be it.

    Looks like something that comes from the game "Remember Me". Already have it on pre-order :)

      where can I pre-order it from, if I may ask?

        EB Games:


          wil be available for store pre order tomorrow onwards

    Looks like something that EB Games can charge $120 AUD for, since default controller is like $100!

      It doesn't appear to be an EB exclusive either.

    Still not getting rid of my 360, as juicy as this looks!!!! Way too many dollars invested already!

    Dammit titanfall why must you look so good. I already caved and bough teh massive statue edition from amazon (about $300 depending on shipping and exchange rates, $110 cheaper than EB).

    Now they release this controller as well.....

    Hope they do a sneaky thank you and put it in the collectors too xD

    But seriously most of the time I hate these types of controllers, they usually are made so fugly, but this looks great.

    I would be throwing my money at whoever for one of these if i had an Xbox.

      Could preemptively get one for your PC.

        Don't have a PC capable enough to play pong let alone anything decent :(

    Shouldn't the controller have the Hammond Robotics logo instead of the "Titanfall A?"
    Controller looks beautiful, though. If they have a wired version with PC compatibility, I might cave.

      I might cave too and just pick up one of those $15 wireless adapters for PC.

        They don't work with the PC yet. Microsoft said they will release something to make them work sometime in the first half of this year.

    Anyone wanna buy a normal Xbone wireless controller? Will include 2xAA batteries and positive thoughts. I bought it as my 2nd controller, it literally has not been used...only unwrapped. $50 :)

    Anyone else been asked for alpha testing of titanfall on Xbox one

    Holy fffff.....

    You see what you've done now? Now I'm going to go buy this for my PC while fully aware that the KB+M is much better.

    Why...? Why do you do this to me...?

    I just saw the title again and now I'm angry at the mis-use of 'drop'. >:(

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