Valve Wants To Give You All Of Its Games On Steam (If You're A Debian Linux Developer)

So yeah, there's that one little catch!

Valve loves Linux. I think that's pretty clear now from their whole Steam Machine initiative. The dumbed down version (because I am dumb) is this: Valve wants to move away from Windows and sees Linux as a way to do this.

As a result of this Valve is super keen to interact with Linux developers. One way to do that is to offer every single goddamn Valve game on Steam — future, past and present — to Debian Linux developers. Makes sense since Steam Machines use Debian Linux as a base.

If you are an official Debian Linux developer you might want to head here for more information. The rest of us can just cry big fat salty tears into our empty wallets in despair.

Valve Is Making All Their Games Free To Debian Developers [Phoronix]


    I imagine a whole slew of little bugs nobody has bothered fixing will now get fixed just so people can be considered a "Debian Developer". Might make a bit of annoyance for their review team.

    I... just installed a version of Linux on a netbook. It was Mint 16. That's KINDA the same isn't it?

      Mint is based on Ubuntu and Ubuntu is based on Debian.

    Is the trade off to help convert every single game to be compatible with Linux? How many games actually work on a Steam Machine as of today?

      Store has 770 games but that includes DLC. etc.

    491 Games I believe

    You can also see the OS usage in the hardware stats. Looks like various linux version make up maybe 1%+

    Last edited 24/01/14 3:11 pm

      Nope, they only get Valve made/published games.

      Some are F2P already, the other main ones - Half Life, L4D & Portal series - are probably owned by anyone who's already a gamer.

      Saying that, it includes future games. Free Half Life 3! (well, technically, anyway)

        He'd poining out the games which work on Linux out of the whole store.

          Ah, true. Speed read FTL.

            i think it was a reply fail though, so if you're reading without the edit, it could seem that he was saying there are 493 free games.
            How bad would it be for these developers if Half Life 3 was made by all the Valve people under a different name.

    Does this mean just this list of games: ?

    The original post says Valve produced games. Still pretty cool however I first thought every game on Steam haha

    Of course I'm a Debian Linux Developer. Why would I be anything else?

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