Wait, There Weren’t Angry Birds Comics Already?

Wait, There Weren’t Angry Birds Comics Already?

It’s easy to tune out just how much Angry Birds-branded merchandise there is floating out there in the world. Everywhere you look, there’s some food/toy/clothing item festooned with the likeness of Rovio’s super-ubiquitous characters on it. So, it’s really surprising that there haven’t been any Angry Birds comic books in print yet. That changes with a new series coming later this year.

There have been webcomics produced by Rovio, but starting this June, Angry Birds comics will be appearing on shelves from publisher IDW, who also do comics based on Star Trek, G.I. Joe andTransformers:

The world of Angry Birds has already expanded beyond its initial gameplay, with popular characters such as Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella, Matilda, King Pig and many other colourful and delightful personalities inhabiting the Piggie Island and forming the basis for an unending series of adventures.

The partnership between IDW and Rovio provides a relationship greater than just a licence as Rovio has applied their unique creative vision towards the comic adaptation of Angry Birds. Enlisting top talent from across the comics industry, such as Jeff Parker (Thunderbolts) and Eisner Award-winning writer Paul Tobin (Bandette), Angry Birds captures the fun and originality of the game itself.

Going with IDW instead of a bigger outfit like Marvel or DC makes sense as the publisher has shown a deft hand with licensed properties, as seen with the strong success of its My Little Pony comics. Angry Birds Comics is also the kind of project I’d imagine comics creators would line up to work on, at least the ones with kids who are obsessed with the games. There’s no mention of a digital edition in the press release but it’d be very odd to have this series be limited to print only.