Want To Make Modern-Day Skyrim Look Amazing?

Want to make modern-day Skyrim look amazing?

Check out this Rock Paper Shotgun feature from Duncan Harris of Dead End Thrills — whosw rork we love to highlight around here — as he outlines his process for making Skyrim look better than ever in 2014.


    Heads up, there's a spelling mistake on the second line.

    "...of Dead End Thrills – whosw rork we..."

      I guess sometimes you're so excited to get half a paragraph out that you just fuck thew ohle thing up.

    Pinnacle of articles right here

      What do you mean? I live Kirk Hamilton's w rork, he's great

        Oh you. That's my share of sass for the week. :P

        Last edited 09/01/14 9:37 pm

    Lmao. I was thniknig of psoting a arsesmart commnet btu I got be aten to the punch

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