Watch 30 Minutes Of The New Longest Journey Sequel

If you like point-and-click adventure games and have a heart beating in your chest, you probably like The Longest Journey. And so you were probably happy to hear that Dreamfall Chapters, the next game in the series, had a successful Kickstarter campaign and will be coming to PC.

If you're wondering what the game will actually be like, rejoice: You can now watch a half-hour of the game in action. Developer Red Thread Games has released a new gameplay walkthrough, complete with commentary from creative director Ragnar Tørnquist.

If you'd like, you can also watch the playthrough with no commentary at all, which is a wonderful practice, and an example that I wish all developers who issue commentary-assisted promotional gameplay videos would follow.

[Via PC Gamer]



    I thought dreamfall for the xbox was the sequel, i loved that game alot, shame this one is only coming to PC :(

    @dc, where the heck are you?! ARE YOU SEEING THIS?!

    Man I loved TLJ when I was a kid.

      I don't need to see any more. They had me hooked at The Longest Journey sequel.

      Last edited 10/01/14 10:08 am

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