Watch Awesome Speed Runs, Help Prevent Cancer. Win-Win!

The Speed Demos Archive is a cool resource. It's also a massive community for people who want to watch speed runs, or try some themselves. At this precise second the community is running a massive charity drive called 'Games Done Quick'. They're streaming top speed runners doing their thing for this entire week in an attempt to raise $500,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Games Done Quick is an annual event. In 2013 the team, led by Mike Uyama, managed to raise an astonishing $425,000 for the charity. This year they're hoping to crack half a million. Incredible.

How are they raising the money? By playing video games of course, really quickly. By playing them and asking very nicely for your donations. At time of writing someone is playing Cave Story, but you can watch the live stream here and find a full schedule of all the games being played here. I'm very keen to stick around for the Hotline Miami speed run which is kicking off in roughly five hours from what I can tell.

It's pretty heartwarming. This great post by Linda Chastain, Senior Director of events at the Prevent Cancer Foundation goes a long way to explaining just what a great job the Speed Demos guys and girls do with this event.

You can donate to the cause here.

Thanks Trjn!


    Just before this went up, they were doing a Tool Assisted Speedrun block where they managed to program a real Super Mario World cartridge into playing Pong and Snake by playing Super Mario World.

    Awesome Games Done Quick is fantastic. The big stuff will be done at the end of the week and will include a glitched Pokemon Soul Silver run by an Australian speedrunning named Werster.

    IF they play Ecco The Dolphin i'll watch it

      Tonight at 10:25pm but it's a glitch run so the game will be almost unrecognizable.

    I don't want to hear the people in the background or the announcer reading out my or anyone's donations. I want to hear the game same, is there some kind of stream for this?

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