Watch The First Minute Of The Last Of Us’ New DLC

Watch The First Minute Of The Last Of Us’ New DLC

The Last of Us, for many (read: most) was 2013’s game of the year and it ended pretty much perfectly. Which is why ‘Left Behind’, Naughty Dog’s new DLC for the game, works as a prequel. IGN managed to get an exclusive sneak peak at the first minute of the DLC and you can watch it here.

It’s a pretty uneventful clip, but sets the tone. Left Behind looks set to tell the story of Ellie and her friend Riley, in the events that lead up to the fully fledged story in The Last of Us.

It looks interesting enough, but I don’t know that I’m too keen on returning to this universe. I just liked The Last of Us as a package. I like the way it ended. This seems a little forced and I’m not too sure if I’m sold on some of the writing, even just the writing in the clip above.

Regardless, I’m sure I can be convinced to play it.

What are your thoughts?

Your First Look at The Last of Us’ Single Player DLC [IGN]


  • Funny scene and despite knowing the outcome(s) it still looks interesting! Naughty Dog have been taking time on this so I have no doubts that quality will be up to par.
    Haven’t read the 4-issue comic series but shall endeavor to do so as I believe Dark Horse brought out a hardcover ‘collection’ edition. Curious to see if that 14.99 price tag will be 29.99 here as I anticipate it may be.

    Edit. Did the season pass cover only three lots of dlc? If so that would now be the multiplayer stuff? I don’t have the pass so don’t really mind but it would be interesting to see if Sony/ND pull a shifty to make everyone pay for this content.

    • Nah, I’m pretty sure this is included in the season pass – wasn’t it supposed to be 2 pieces of multiplayer DLC and 1 singleplayer? Although I didn’t buy the season pass (I don’t play the multiplayer) so I’ll be forking out for this regardless.

    • The seasons pass covers this, plus two multiplayer DLCs I believe.

      I’m keen on getting back into it. I think I’m actually good to go for a full on sequel already to be honest.

      I wasn’t that convinced with Riley’s voice though, she sounds a bit older than she should be perhaps?

      I’m also a little unsure of what elements this DLC will have to avoid to keep continuity with the main game (spoilers) – …like, there can’t be any clickers, or any gym related enemies, because Ellie is shocked the first time she sees them. She’s also only used a BB gun before the events of the main game…

      So it’ll be interesting how they make it work. That’s always a problem with prequels, you can’t introduce anything ‘new’ easily (although they often do anyway, putting gameplay over continuity).

      • My guess would be a stealth based escape and exploration type set up whilst allowing us to explore the past of Ellie and a few of the characters tied into making her who she was when Joel met her in TLoU

        • Yeah, I’ll be very happy with that approach, though I do hope to get a bit of stabby-time in with Ellie’s switchblade, just a little bit.

          Although… the way Ellie reacts after shooting that guy who is trying to drown Joel (“I feel sick”) gives me the impression she’s never actually killed anyone before, so maybe it is 100% pure stealth + exploration after all.

          • I wish that the lead up to the scene in your spoiler tag even just 5 seconds of the struggle in the puddle made it into the cutscene

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