Watch The First Three Minutes Of The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Hope you haven't unhooked your PS3 yet; 2013's Kotaku Game of the Year is getting a new story on February 14, and you can watch the cinematic intro here. (Don't worry — it's not as traumatizing as the first few minutes of The Last of Us.)

I am totally ready to dive back into the world of Naughty Dog's zombie game. Totally ready.


    As much as I am hanging to play this, I can hear the age in Rileys voice.

    Didn't it occur to them that a 32 year old voice actress's tone and depth doesn't suit a 15 year old girl?

      Ashley Johnson is 30 and pulled off Ellie fine. Also, while female depth does not change as significantly as in boys, they're still pubescent girls. I've met some Polly Pockets who have deeper voices than most boys.

        I was being short and broad, not trying to be personal. It would have been better to write, Yaani Kings voice betrays her age. She sounds every bit her age of 32, not 15. Now I feel mean.

    No thanks. I'm pulling a "Metroid Prime" on this one and going in as fresh as possible.
    Having said that, I just watched the Playstation Blog vid so my resolve is clearly very weak.

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