Watch The Latest X-Men: Days Of Future Past And Get The Chills

Watch The Latest X-Men: Days Of Future Past And Get The Chills

The best X-Men movie was Directed by Bryan Singer and that movie was X-Men 2. The second best? I’d argue it X-Men: First Class. Now imagine a world where both of these movies collide. A movie that has both James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart? Come on man. That’s a must see.

The trailer below cements that for me and I’m intrigued. Also — as part of a new reveal, Empire Magazine has put together a pretty sexy 25 cover run featuring just about X-Men character you can name. It looks slicks.

Oh and here’s that trailer I was talking about!

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    • Goggles to protect his eyes from getting damaged by colliding with objects while he goes at super speed?

      • I was thinking the weird stuff on his belt and absurd jacket, didn’t even notice the glasses and headphone things. :s

          • It’s the 70s and even then, yeesh. It looks like he’s wearing a chrome members only jacket, Bart Simpson’s utility belt and that that silver highlights. Looks as bad as the Aquaman costume they used on Entourage… as a gag.

  • Oooo. Looks pretty at least. Remaining cautiously optimistic. Still, really dont think I care for soundtrack’s originally done for one film being used for another, that music is for Sunshine dammit

    • That happens an awful lot with trailers. It’s unlikely that it’ll appear in the final film.

      On another note, I wonder what kind of money has to change hands to commission 25 different covers on a single magazine issue.

      • That was one of the things I hated about Kick Ass. They re-used parts of John Murphy’s score from Sunshine and 28 Days Later in the actual film. It’s so lazy and unnecessary.

  • According to polls, First Class is a far better film than X2, according to fans.

    …so most fans haven’t seen X2.

    • Having watched both in the last two weeks or so I like First Class better. Different strokes for different folks, X2 was very Wolverine centric, not merely in screen time but also story, and I’m not that big on Wolverine, I guess maybe that makes me not a ‘true’ fan or some such? Love the Xavier/Magneto stuff in First Class despite the lack of McKellan and Stewart. I also don’t hate X3 (even if I don’t really like it either), so nail me up to the cross now!

    • I’ve seen them all, and I still think First Class is better than X2, but the first one is still the best. Actually, those 3 are the only good ones, the rest are equally tied for last place.

  • I can’t escape the feeling that this is going to be a train wreck :/

    Hopefully that’s not the case.

    • As long as they put out a restraining order on Brett Ratner to not come within 50km of the set, it’s got a chance.

    • It’s the terminator story, tastefuly bastardized to feature wolvie as the lead. They’re probably holding out for the Sentinels as an in-movie reveal, ala Khan from Into Darkness.

      • Wolvie in the cartoon series is a tad more mobile than ol’ hugh so will be interesting to see how our “reality grounded” wolvie bounces around hacking into sentinels

      • They’ve already used sentinels as promotional material. It makes sense that they made wolvie lead, Kitty pryde has only been terribly done in X3. I don’t think they trusted in that character / ellen page leading a superhero movie.

  • Bishop doesn’t look too bad, and the new battle costume for Wolverine looks like the best yet and is that Blink teleporting next to Warpath? Didn’t know they were going to be in it.

    I’ll go see it at the movies but not really that keen on the xmen movies so far. The Wolverine was probably the best of the Fox movies. The others feel like they’re just people playing dress ups.

    I also wonder if/how this will tie into the next movie with Apocalypse, will this mean a *gasp* AGE OF APOCALYPSE storyline???

    • Well if Wolverine and the X-Men is anything to go by this will end with a cliffhanger teasing Apocalypse and then they’ll never make another movie again. =P

      • I think they confirmed it will be about Apocalypse, but not whether it follows the alternate timeline of Age of Apocalypse. I could be wrong.

    • I agree, Wolverine was pretty underrated. True to the comics style, shame the storyline was fairly generic / predictable.

  • im gonna see this, you know why, coz im a marvel fan boy that gets sucked in everytime to these shitty movie adaptions. (not all have been bad, ive enjoyed quite a few of the movies). and because im an xmen fan from way back in the 90s when i used to watch the cartoon on Cheez freakin TV.
    alongside Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys (ahh, the good ol days)

    AND…. how dare they ever cast Anna Paquin (?) as Rogue, how dare you ruin every 90s kids wet dream material with Anna!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry man, First Class was better. X2 was really good (aside from the Deathstrike thing), but First Class… so good

    • i agree, i mean i enjoyed the first 2 xmen movies at the time, but i cant re watch them now as they appear that bad to me. i would however rewatch first class. although, did it piss anyone else off how much they ruined First Class with the multitude of trailers and inclusion of vital story bits in said trailers?

      • I worked as a projectionist for years and that always irked me. The number of movies that are willing to completely blow their load all over the trailer just to get people in the door is staggering.

        • agreed. what ever happened to teasing the viewers with cleverly edited trailers to draw people in through their curiosity?

  • So I take it that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are NOT Magneto’s offspring in this film? That makes me even more confused.

    • No, they are. It’s the Quicksilver/SW in Avengers 2 that has no relation to Magneto or the brotherhood

      • ahhh coz i thought the quicksilver theyre showing is from the past… if hes from the future then it makes sense.

  • X-Men
    X-Men 2
    X-Men 3
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    First Class
    The Wolverine

    Pretty much the order of release. I’ve been getting less interested with each new film, however I’m excited for Days but I’m doubtful it will surpass the first.

  • Hope Kelsey Grammer returns as adult Beast. Hope that bamph bloke from X2 shows up as well. Bamph! Whooshka!

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