Watch These People Swap Genders With Virtual Reality [NSFW]

Watch These People Swap Genders With Virtual Reality

A lot of the most interesting applications of VR have less to do with gaming, and more to do with perceptions of self. What's it like to see outside of your own subjective experience of body and self?

NSFW warning on the video below.

Enter The Machine To Be Another, an art installation that uses the Oculus Rift to let two people live inside each other's bodies. Both participants synchronise movements, and are given a stereoscopic view of what the other is seeing. What would I be like if I was shorter? What if I was a different gender?

Obviously isn't a perfect simulation, but the goal is clear: To give a glimpse, however briefly, into the everyday world of others.

The Machine To Be Another via The Verge

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    I love this kind of innovation, cant wait to see were virtual reality is in 20 years...

    What in the flying fuck is "feminist technoscience"

      A field of study that will ensure you have a lifetime of gainful employment, at Mc Donalds.

      I think it's whatever its practitioners want it to be at any given time. If I had to hazard a guess though, I would guess it was scientific studies of technology from a feminist perspective.

    i remember seeing a movie like this on SBS once, iirc it was called thomas thomas (was french or something...)
    it was about a neet and the whole movie was shot first person...
    you have to see it to understand
    thats where i see this heading

      Ah, Thomas est Amoureux (Thomas in Love). He was actually agoraphobic, not a NEET. I liked that movie, especially how even though it was all told through what he saw on his computer screen (Essentially watching the other side of a webcam chat only), it never felt boring.

        omg thats it!
        iv been googleing it all night
        your a champ!

    I can't believe this is the second Strange Days reference I'm getting to make in the same week. Its been 10 years since I saw that, really should do it again.

    Wait until the porn industry gets a hold of this technology.

      There are two kinds of people.

        Only two? You poor innocentperson, the dark side of the internet contains many more types of people than two, often in the same video.

        Last edited 23/01/14 3:57 am

      I can hardly wait. This kind of thing is just on a whole different level too the current nearest that I'm aware of, gender bender hentai (a friend told me about it, honestly).

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