We Should Build Arcades On The Street

We Should Build Arcades On The Street

Kris Temmerman lives in a combined shopfront/apartment in Antwerp. Last November, with the shopfront empty, he decided to put it to good use, installing a custom arcade rig and coding a simple video game for people to stop and play.

Not for money, just for fun. The best part is that he's released the design docs so you can build your own (he made it using the DIY electronics kit Arduino).

Storefront pixel-art video-game for the neighbourhood [Boing Boing]


    Is it just me or is the video incredibly quiet?..

    Haha, that's pretty cute.

    I'd only be concerned about vandals who'd find a way to eff it up for everyone.

    its an awesome idea, but for a real world situation it would just be destroyed in days
    a better idea would be to have the 'arcade' system in a shop window, but the controller is your phone you can connect with via bluetooth.
    Iv used my phone as a controller for a few things and played various games on it, it can handle this situation no worries!

    Let me spin you a yarn - back in my day there were arcade machines in the street outside shops that would entertain you for 20cents at a time... magic it was...

      I remember those days. They were also the days when you could trade in 1.25L glass bottles for... 20 cents! Needless to say, I was very enthusiastic about recycling as a kid.

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