We Should Build Arcades On The Street


    Is it just me or is the video incredibly quiet?..

    Haha, that's pretty cute.

    I'd only be concerned about vandals who'd find a way to eff it up for everyone.

    its an awesome idea, but for a real world situation it would just be destroyed in days
    a better idea would be to have the 'arcade' system in a shop window, but the controller is your phone you can connect with via bluetooth.
    Iv used my phone as a controller for a few things and played various games on it, it can handle this situation no worries!

    Let me spin you a yarn - back in my day there were arcade machines in the street outside shops that would entertain you for 20cents at a time... magic it was...

      I remember those days. They were also the days when you could trade in 1.25L glass bottles for... 20 cents! Needless to say, I was very enthusiastic about recycling as a kid.

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