What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Call me crazy but I love little pockets in the release schedule, weeks where I get to just focus on the games I want to play instead of having to worry about checking out new releases I'm less enthused about. Over Christmas I had a blast playing catch up with a few games and I intend to continue with this. What are you playing this weekend?

I managed to finish A Link Between Worlds which was, in a word, breathtaking. I love Zelda, I've played and finished practically every Zelda ever made. I honestly believe A Link Between Worlds is the best Zelda in a decade. It was that good.

The only problem is that I don't get to play it any more. I can't remember feeling like in a long time — like truly gutted that I've finished a game and can no longer play it.

I'm almost finished with Super Mario 3D World, so I'll probably continue with that this weekend, or maybe dive back into Assassin's Creed IV. I have a bad feeling, however, that I'll spend most of my time watching my wife play Pikmin 3.

What are you all playing this weekend?


    Pokemon X, AC: Black Flag and am trying to sweet talk a friend to invite me over and play Pikmin 3 multiplayer... I'm finally getting good at it

    Probably Splinter Cell: Blacklist and I want to set up a several Custom Games in Halo: Reach.

    DayZ and Frozen Endzone wheeeeeeeeeee

      Ooooohhhhhhh how is frozen endzone? As good/better/worse than synapse?

        I'm thinking Synapse is better. Endzone is a little simpler. But still very fun -- it just feels like it has more 50/50 situations, whereas Synapse had more ways for the better player to come out with victory. But yeah, I'm still loving it and can't stop playing hehe.

    Actually not sure what I'll be playing this weekend. Probably chip away a little more of Arkham city. I've been trying to finish off some games that I have half started but it's a slow process.
    Have the final hero in the cave to complete so I'll probably play that with the missus.
    Might look at starting something new as well, since i picked up some good games at christmas sale.

    Bah who am I kidding, I'll probably lose the entire weekend to Civ V

      It's a damned good way to lose a weekend, to be sure.

        I just got Brave New World so new and exciting things to discover

    Beyond Two Souls and if I finish that The Last of Us.

    Hmmm, I dunno. Maybe nothing. My pile of shame is now small enough that there are only a handful of games left in it. Guess I could fire up Deux Ex: HR and give that a whirl at last.

    Recently, I've been rewatching The Shield. Just finished it again. What a show. Two days ago, I started rewatching... The Shield! Again! :)

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      I just bought the game a second time (the Director's Cut on Wii U) with the intention of actually playing it. I'm probably kidding myself. But it was $5 off thanks to the Aussies winning the Ashes!

        and they didn't bring out the other console versions to Australia >:

        I used my $5 on Bioshock Infinite... the day before it dropped in price by $4... I was slightly nonplussed.

          I paid $3 for Bioshock Infinite at EB after some trade in - just got the shock jockey power up last night, will continue with that and Guardian of Light

    Probably some more pirating about. I'm hoping to power through the campaign, then see if the side stuff catches my eye.

    Probably not much this weekend actually, re-watching Babylon 5 at the moment, just started season 3. Saw a pic the other day from a Bab5 thing that all the living members attended and it got me thinking that it's been a while since I watched it. Good stuff.
    Might get started on Xenoblade Chronicles however, it's next up anyway when I get around to it.

      I started to watch Babylon 5 for the first time a short while ago but that has since been overtaken byt he fact that my missus actually wants to watch TNG so we're slowly going though that instead. I always snubbed Babylon 5 for some reason though when it was first aired. I really don't know why I did that

      As for Xenoblade, I started it, got a fair bit into it and got stuck in some random dungeon so stopped playing. I've been meaning to pick it up again but other games just pop up first :( my Wii games all get neglected that way

        Haha, i was watching TNG actually before this Bab5 stint (are you sure you are not secretly living in my house? lol).
        But seeing the Bab5 pic piqued my interest to watch that series again quickly (since you can kinda skip most of the 1st season and 5th season on the 2nd watch thru, all the action is in seasons 2-4, but it's fantastic).
        I also have DS9 lined up as well, but i've only ever seen the first episode of that, it's up next after I finish off TNG (on season 5 of that), which will be resumed after Bab5.
        I've been reading up on thoughts regarding Bab5 vs DS9 (given the very similar premise) and I've concluded that I prefer the big over-arching story of Bab5, which from what I have read DS9 is sorta missing, apart from a few comparatively small arcs (I could be wrong, like I said, have only seen the first two-parter pilot so far).
        That was one of the many things I loved about Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, the stories actually carried on from each other to progress the overall arc, instead of too many stand alone eps that don't really add anything overall (like TNG). Man I loved Stargate.

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          The first season or two has those random eps like TNG, but there are a few larger arc-ing stories that, without giving anything away, are some of the more interesting stories in Star Trek canon. After watching DS9, which I'm also half way through watching interestingly enough :D , and going back to watching TNG, it's making me wish that you could re-write bits into older episodes to make them more interesting and to fit in with what was written 10 years after the original episode. The Conspiracy episode in TNG in particular is one that I would love to see re-written, but I was also disappointed that that episode never kicked off an on-going story during TNG's run.

          I think the DS9 & Babylon comparisons were simply because they were on at the same time and both were on space stations. They're actually fairly different in their premise as far as I can make out. As with basically any Star Trek series though, as long as you get past the dodgy first season and the writers and actors know what they're doing you'll be fine.

          DS9 becomes compulsory viewing from its third season onwards - I'd seen about half the first season on TVwhen it first came out - the came across a copy if The Search - I was blown away!

            Good chat guys, thanks for the input. Kinda looking forward to DS9 now ;)
            But it'll not be viewed for about a month I think.
            I'll call it 'deep space 9 February' though it hardly rolls off the tongue.

            I agree cuf that the comparison between the two was just due to both being the same setting and both being aired around the same time, but given the very similar premise 'space station with shit going on', comparisons were inevitable.

    Wolf among us. seeing what the big deal is with it.
    That and maybe some GTA.
    *also, PEGGLE2!!!!!!

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    AC IV at some point hopefully, I've just started the modding process of Skyrim so that will get started again at some point (one game I've never actually finished the main quest), but now Medieval 2 Total War is calling back out to me so I'll probably get sucked into that for the next couple of months again

      I've never finished Skyrim either but did put like 80+ hours into just one of many characters most played to the same point just after seeing the wall which has the picture of dragon born shouting down the black dragon

    I've started a melee brute character in Fallout New Vegas, which is super fun, so I'll probably be burn through many hours on that. It's the first time I've tried melee in the entire series.

      I love playing New Vegas in unconventional ways. I started a character awhile ago that focused on explosives. Instead of just selling all those grenades and dynamite, I actually used it! INSANE. Man, stuff dies super easy when you just blow it up! And the Powder Ganger controlled prison is like right there near the starting town, too...

        A melee explosives character will probably be my next playthrough. I try to make the most of explosives, especially in New Vegas, but never tried to do it properly. I've never really bothered with the 'big guns' either so might load up a missile launcher or flamer as well

    Dead Rising 3. I am surprisingly having a heap of fun with it.

      I couldn't get into 1 and 2 but 3 is just so much fun.

    Ni No Kuni (picked it up for $11, score!) and Final Fantasy 14

    I'm going to finish up GTA V. I've supposedly 100%ed it now, but somehow this means that I still have under the bridge flights, stunt jumps and gold medals to collect. Stoopid.

    That, and Super Mario 3D Land. And the Cave, because why not?

      Go to the Rockstar social club website and log in with your Gamertag. It has more accurate completion percentage pages, with details on where to find all items and listing which ones you have completed and which ones you still need to do.

        Oh, I know. It's the only way that you can find those stupid collectibles.

        My point is that "100%" only includes half of the knife flights, under the bridge and stunt jumps, and completion rather than excellence in the missions. Which is silly.

        I've now done most of these things with the help of other maps, because R* don't have markers for which ones you've done anywhere. So I'll go till I get the last couple of single player achievements, and *that* will be 100% in my books.

          When I looked at it, there's an option to select between which ones were done and which ones weren't.

          and 100% was probably lowered because they wanted you to experience enough without having to kill yourself getting everything, particularly the hard ones. There's also a percentage score for "random" events. Getting 100% for that would have been annoying.

    Despite having 2 weeks off over the Christmas/New Year period I was so busy with chores and visiting family I didn't get to play jack or shit. I was finally going to dig back into Dead Rising 3 last weekend then I got sick and shouldn't do anything but lie on the couch and moan, or lie in bed and moan. As it stands I still feel like crap AND I have more chores ahead of another family obligation coming up next week because apparently my wife's family doesn't get sick of seeing her all the goddamn time?

    So nothing. I will play nothing. I will probably find some time to sit in front of the PC and stare at my steam library, so even if I do find an hour to play games I will lose it to indecision. Maybe I will just sleep in that day instead.

      Was is man flu?? If it was your lucky you survived....... Someone really should start a man flu charity for those with wives/girlfriends who just don't understand how so much worse man flu is compared to the regular colds the girls seem to get.

        I think it was some dreaded man flu, even so I mostly kept the bitching about it to a minimum until the ear infection kicked in. Three days of antibiotics and I'm only just now getting some fricken relief. I might even sleep tonight!

          Have you tried putting your wife's "personal massager" just behind your ear?? It sound odd and if you get caught you will have a strange conversation but it did work the last time I got an ear infection.........like.......it won't stop it but it will dull the pain for enough time for you to get some sleep.

    Me and the kids are playing super Mario bros together............I predict by Monday we should have resorted to real life mudering to stop everyone pushing everyone into the abyss........I'm sure that is the point of the game once you have 4 players playing on one screen.

    Married Couple Hearthstone (iz da best), World of Tanks and maybe DCS world depending on friends.

    Took a break after Christmas which was good. Getting into Batman Arkham City while I wait to hear back from a job interview and hang out for Dead Rising 3's DLC in roughly 2 weeks. Might do another playthrough of Wonderful 101 after that while I wait for Thief and DKC:TF. Still unsure what console to get Thief on though.

    The three I'm looking at are:
    - Killzone MP
    - Super Mario 3D World MP
    - Guardians of Middle Earth (I randomly want to pick this up again)

    After watching Patrick Klepeks Twitch stream of Dark Souls, I feel the need to pick it up again. It just looks so fun. Although I'd prefer to have someone next to me explaining things like what humanity, kindling etc does. I only got an hour or so in and died thinking this bit is impossible. Watched the stream and realised there are always multiple ways to go and I can go back to that section later when I'm more leveled up!

    More DayZ Epoch, mixed with BF4 (PC), Persona 4 Golden and Minecraft.

    Can't beat the staples.

    I dooon't know.
    Some pokemon X probably. I am trying to finish my Pokedex. I have close to 500 now. Finished the central dex, close to both coastal and mountain being done, and a handful of pokemon from friend safari missing.

    And some Hearthstone Beta.

    I think I'm going to be playing "Refresh nVidia's website repeatedly in the hopes that I'll finally be able to redeem ACIV and Batman:AO".

    I can't say I'm loving it, there's a lot of grinding involved, but they've got the whole Skinner box thing down to a fine art.

    still working on getting through Tomb Raider. Truly epic game and I am loving it.

    Pirates Creed 4, I have an obsession with collecting everything so going through the games story slowly.

      I did that too, and do similar with GTA. I find it so much more satisfying to do side-missions as and when they appear, and delay the main story.

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