What Are You Playing This Weekend

Dark Souls. I am playing Dark Souls.

I am sorry. By the mere act of mentioning the words 'Dark Souls' I'm sure I have sent many of you on a trajectory, on a path that will no doubt end with you also playing Dark Souls. For that I humbly apologise.

I was playing some other games, like Black Flag and Super Mario 3D Land, but I stopped. Now I'm playing Dark Souls.


What are you playing this weekend?


    This weekend I'm going to FINALLY push and get my legendary cloak in WoW, followed by some AC4 (for a late tot the party review) and some insurgency 2 I think.

    Having said that, there is a TONNE of crap on this weekend so it looks like I'll only get a little bit of time tomorrow afternoon, and Monday morning (hangover permitting)

    Meh, was going to play Dark Souls anyway. Finally installed it after buying it in the Steam Christmas Sale and after an hour in Lordran realised that the path with the huge ass skeleton isn't the right one for new players.

    Any tips for a newbie besides that? (I believe my class and perk(?) are the default ones)

      yeah spend souls on leveling gear and weapons not your character as the scaling is not like a typical rpg.
      Only level your character to be high enough for the gear you want to use early on. Once your fave weps and armour are near max then level your character alot.
      Also only level some stats not all on a character, you need to be a master of one not everything. So strength build, or dex build.

    I haven't finished dark souls yet - going through the DLC last time I played - then stopped at the dragon, cause he's freaking hard.

    Ah, yes, this weekend and on good ol' Survival Day I shall be playing Amnesia, where I hope my own paranoia doesn't alert Mr. Big Ugly Face to my presence.

    Thanks to Serrels I've started Dark Souls again from the start. I'm playing worse than when I last played. Seems like I'm out of practice. Still, this is one hell of a game.

    Need to clean up FFXIII and XII-2.

    And probably some Dark Souls now.....fuck.

    I WAS playing Dark Souls. But I got all the achievements. I'm done. I can rest now.

    ...until March.

    A bit of StarCraft 2. A little Diablo 3 and a smidge of Street Fighter.

    And I might attempt some BF4, but about half my connections just plain don't work so I'm pretty put off that game.

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