What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I probably should start playing Broken Age, or maybe Tomb Raider: Definitive edition. But I don't really care about that. I'm playing Dark Souls.

It's hard to force yourself to play something else when you're playing something you love. I love Dark Souls to death. It's just so goddamn compelling. Last night I played it for five hours straight. I can't remember the last time I did that with a game ever. Stopping myself was the difficult part. This is one of my favourite gaming experiences of the last five years.

So yeah, I'm playing Dark Souls. What are you guys and girls playing?


    Once my download quota resets tomorrow, I'll be downloading and playing Dark Souls on my 360, I might pick up Tomb Raider for my XBox One as well.

    Dragon Age : Origins.
    Decided I'm finally gonna get around to finishing that one.

    Though all this Dark Souls talk is making it hard to resist...

      Gotta finish Awakening myself...

        I'm planning to marathon Origins, Awakening & Witch Hunt over the next few weeks. then try something else for a bit before I give Dragon Age 2 a go, in preparation for DA3.

          I'd skip DA2. Read the plot on wiki.

          I rarely hate games but I could write great big leather bound books on how much that game sucks massive balls.

          For emphasis..... Massive..... Balls

            I've heard mixed things about it. Haven't played it myself, so I have no idea just yet.
            I mean, I know its a very different game from the first one, and from what I've read, I get the impression that if viewed totally independently of the first, while not a GOTY contender, DA2 is decent enough in its own way.
            So yeah... I'm just gonna go into it with no expectations.

            However, given that DA3 is supposedly gonna accept save files from the first 2, I think I'm gonna slog through it.

      It's a great game until you hit the dwarven mines. It felt like such a slog.

        That depends on the order. Without telling the player there's an actual difficulty order to the main missions you have to go towards. The Dwarven mines are actually the hardest and last place you should visit.

          Yeah tell me about it. It was the very last place to visit, but those dungeons were massively long. By the end of those mines I just wanted to finish the game and get it over with.

          Hard to say whether I just got over it, or the dwarves mines were poorly paced. That being said looking forward to Inquisition.

    Im playing an awesome game called "Move House in 41-freakin-degrees"
    Its a sweat educing, rollicking good time for all!!!

      I hope you got the Collector's Edition of New House with the Air Conditioning and Swimming Pool DLC packs?

      depends on how you feel about spending real money for in-game items, but you could try getting the 'removalist' pack. it's pretty much pay-to-win.

      I could only afford 2 DLC packs so I went with

      - 4 Mates and a Truck Pack
      - 2 Slabs of Beer and a BBQ at the End Pack


    Yeah, yeah, Dark Souls. I almost understand how this game works. I'll get to the end if it kills me.

    I thought I had Tomb Raider done and dusted last weekend but it's still going after what I thought was the ending they were building to. I'm sure that makes sense if you played the game. Anyway, the game is longer than I thought and I haven't finished it yet.

    Since my wife hasn't started (she's now considering just getting the "definitive edition" on the Xbone and skipping the 360 version) I haven't been able to get to it - I have to play it while she's out or asleep to avoid spoilers. I'm sure I'll find the time this weekend.

    I then may or may not chase down collectibles, because I kind of want to just get the definitive edition for my second playthrough and I'm woried excessively hunting collectibles and/or doing a new game plus will burn me out.

    Really great game though.

    After I finish Tomb Raider I might finally get around to that new playthrough of X-Com.

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    I will be playing the changing baby nappy simulator and probably start my ng+1 for my slvl1 darksouls man when the baby sleeps.

    Your earlier DS post where I mentioned Demon's Souls got a few responses which I'm thankful for. I'm going to try hit it hard this weekend.

    My PSN handle is blueredandgold, but of course you can't properly plan team-ups. I'm going to concentrate on the Flamelurker Demon myself so if you are going to be on, where might you be?

    Probably power some more WoW tonight, leveling a Druid up to 90. Rest of the weekend will probably be more Dead Rising 3, spliced with fighting urges to play Skyrim and Final Fantasy 8.

      last two choices are best :P

        I put 50 hours into Skyrim on PS3 at launch, and couldn't get any further because the PS3 version was completely munted. Slowed to like 2fps within 30 mins of playing, and had to reboot the console. Ended up selling the game, and have been debating getting back in since. On PC of course, but it's such a commitment.

          Hoping ps3s fixed now. Dunno if Ill ever play that much though...maybe.

            I hear it's fine now. Took them a few months I think, but I heard they got there.

          'munted'....what an underrated and appreciated word!

    Kingdom of Amalur, maybe. When the last achievement has a timestamp thats almost 2 years seperate from the previous one, I think it's time I should put time into it and finish it.

    Was also thinking of a 4 player run through in Gears of War 3, or maybe Halo 3/ODST/Reach.


    & Resi 3 when no TV access.

    Son just saved over my Gravity Rush save because of that silly, one save system :-s

      :O, silly son. At least it's short. I beat that last week in a couple of sittings

        didnt like the challenges much.

        I was at the Raven falling boss fight.

          yeah the challenges were poop, I did them all in one solid run, I'd saved them all till right at the end. They just weren't fun.

            I thought I was being lazy just getting bronze on each as I went!

              i found the sliding stuff frustrating, it's weird using a vita like a steering wheel. I wish they had a few control schemes so i could use the sticks.

    I meant Resi 2, cant edit on phone :(

      Sure you can, just tap the arrow next to the reply button in your comment, and it will come up with the "edit comment" option as well as upvote/downvote arrows.

    Well considering I just got a gift from my partner of GTA V and my new ADSL2 modem just came in the mail. I think Im going to be exploring Los Santos this weekend. And maybe Halo: Spartan Assault as well

    Final Fantasy XIV, with a mix of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy and Soul Sacrifice thrown in. Oh, and the Toukiden demo. I might work a little more on my "Magic Fist" (Magically enhanced Caestus run) Dark Souls run too if time and motivation coincide.

      Finished the Toukiden demo, and anxiously await the full game's release.

    Got as far as I can in Darkout and I can't be bothered to build a new base so I might return to my Pile of Shame.

    Crysis: Warhead.

    Going through demon's souls for the first time. I have defeated the armored spider. Missing estus flasks, have been grinding first world for herbs and souls.

    ACIV. I think I’m enjoying it more. Storylines not getting any more compelling, although the Templar missions are a bit more interesting.


      I'll be playing it also, leveling up my templar till Dominion league ends... Then I can think about the next expansion of Diablo!

    I'm thinking of picking up Starbound, so If I do I'll be playing that.

    Otherwise, Injustice Gods Among Us with mates and League of Legends. Maybe a little Fallout New Vegas as well.

      Good timing too. They released a patch that eliminated any need for a character wipe or ship wipe. Fingers crossed. It's a great game, I spend hours just digging and exploring caves and dungeons.

        My only concern is that it looks like it could be tedious... how many hours have you been playing?

          So far only 20 hours. In terms of tediousness it is very that game where you grind for ore for equipment and tools. But again I've only scratched the surface of the game.

          If you're really concerned wait for an update containing more quests etc.

    Gonna try and knock off The Last of Us and Crysis 3 from my PS3 backlog so I can even start to think about getting a PS4.

    Except I just got Bioshock Inifinite and Metro: Last Light from PS+. Not to mention DMC and X-Com still sitting there from previous months. It's almost like Sony doesn't want me to pick up a PS4.

      Well you couldn't pick up a PS4 at the moment even if they DID want you to, so might as well just enjoy the PS+ goodness :D

        I saw one in a locked cabinet at my local Target the other day, sadly I didn't have enough money to buy it. Maybe in a few months.

          The EBGames website did say "preorder for February". That has now changed to "preorder for March", so I guess the February shipment(s) has already sold out before it arrives. So I guess there are going to be shortages for a while yet...

            EB just love selling preorders. I'm sure they won't remain that scarce.

            Well, Second Son is most likely the game that will get me to bite the bullet and go current-gen, so no units until March may be fortuitous.

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