What Happens When Superman Finally Gets Sick Of Humanity

What Happens When Superman Finally Gets Sick of Humanity

Part of the appeal of Superman as a concept is the tension between wanting to save people from suffering and knowing that he can't just solve all the world's problems. Sooner or later though, he's just gonna say 'screw this' and fly millions of light-years away. For good.

"God's End" is another fan comic by writer Gerado Preciado and artist Daniel Bayliss, the guys who did that incredibly dark Batman/Joker story back in November. This one's shorter but has an equally raw view of a superhero's relationship with other entities.

It starts with this:

What Happens When Superman Finally Gets Sick of Humanity

And then goes here:

What Happens When Superman Finally Gets Sick of Humanity

Go read it to see where it winds up. "Look, up in the sky," indeed.


    Preachy and predictable but this kind of comic still does a pretty nice job of giving us the perspective of someone who is basically a god.

    I think there's a game or a comic or something (I could be wrong, maybe it was just a thought experiment on the part of a friend of mine) that was just: If you were all powerful and looking over stuff from on-high, how would you solve humanity's problems?

    E.g.: the world is overpopulated, what do you do? Easy, remove some people. Doesn't matter how or who or whatever. Those things are beneath you. With a thought, half the population vanishes instantly.

    So from an objective deity-level standpoint, probably the best way to solve humanity's problems is to get rid of humanity. That's not even factoring in the damage we'll do to the rest of the universe if we're allowed to linger long enough.

    The earth can never be populated. Over population theory is over rated. There are still still deserts and seas to live on, so go and build a home there for yourself.

      It's not about room to stand it's about exhaustion of recourses.

    How would superman shave? Or get a haircut?
    Surely his hair is as tough as the rest of him so razors wouldn't make a scratch.
    Kryptonite laced shaving foam? Careful use of laser-eyes into a mirror?

    Can't tell if he did, but assuming 'flew away' and the pictures with other aliens, if he left our solar system he would lose all his powers because of the lack of proximity to the sun and die right?

      Superman's power is restored by yellow sun radiation, ours is not the only yellow sun in the universe.

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